10 Best Drone Photography Apps

Best Apps to Use with Drones

In case you’re searching for approaches to improve your photography experience with a drone, you’ve presumably as of now viewed some most the mainstream drone apps. In any case, with so numerous apps out there, it’s difficult to tell which one to pick. That is the reason we’ve accumulated the best drone apps in one spot so you could track down the one that suits your objectives best. 

If you are using drones for industrial or scientific purposes, then you will need pro apps in your system like the UGCS software. Here are some great drone apps for your phone.


With regards to drone photography, PhotoPills is your closest companion. It has a bunch of helpful highlights that might prove to be useful when arranging and shooting your imaginative thoughts. 

With this app, you can be certain your image will turn out precisely how you envision it to you. Simply enter where you need the Sun, Moon, and Milky Way and PhotoPills will figure when precisely the scene you’ve envisioned happens. 

PhotoPills offers various different highlights valuable for drone photography like DOF, Exposure, Time Lapse, FOV adding machine, Spot Stars Calculator, and many, many more! 

UAV Forecast 

In case you’re searching for a weather conjecture app, look no further. UAV Forecast discloses to you all that you as a drone photographer might at any point need to think about the weather conditions. You enter the information about your drone and the app will reveal to you if it’s protected to sear in momentum conditions. 

UAV Forecast will enlighten you concerning wind course, speed, chill, and temperature just as overcast cover and permeability, the possibility of precipitation thus some more. It likewise has a guide with Satellite, Road, Hybrid, and Terrain see modes, and shows you restricted air spaces close by. 


Regardless of whether you utilize your drone for sporting or business purposes, AirMap is an unquestionable requirement for you. It has all you require to fly a drone with certainty. Progressed pilots can partake in various top-of-the-line highlights, for example, flight logging, geofencing, and flight logging. 

The app’s likewise got a lot of highlights that even novices can utilize. For instance, AirMap advises you in case it’s protected to fly in your present area and sends you continuous alarms for close-by traffic and changes to airspace conditions. 

With the data about UAV laws in more than 20 nations, AirMap can be of incredible assistance for those pilots who travel abroad with their drones. Basic and helpful, this is a great accompaniment to UGCS software that you will find very useful indeed. 


This one will be valuable for the individuals who live in the United States or are wanting to come and fly there. The B4UFly app was created by the Federal Aviation Administration in organization with Kittyhawk to simplify it and speedy for drone pilots to know where they are permitted to fly their drone in the United States. 

At the point when you are situated inside 5 miles of an air terminal or another airspace that expects consent to fly, the app educates you about. With B4UFly you can ensure you’re not breaking Federal Aviation Administration guidelines when flying your drone in the US. 


Float is an absolute necessity for drone pilots, all things considered. This current app’s really straightforward however imperative for a protected flight. The app assembles the data about your present position, close by air traffic, neighborhood current, and estimated weather conditions, and discloses to you whether it’s protected to explore the skies at your present area. 

Plus, it shows the weather information with a point-by-point breakdown of temperature, wind speed and bearing, precipitation, and sparkle. The app likewise incorporates a flight log that empowers you to save and track your flight information. 

Google Maps 

Google Maps is a fundamental app for drone photographers who like to design their photography trips down to the last detail. It’s likely extraordinary compared to other apps to discover areas that have the potential for marvelous drone scene photographs and sorting out some way to arrive, obviously. 

You can go through hours scouring Google Maps and saving areas that get your attention to later catch dazzling ethereal stills with your drone. Moreover, it assists you with tracking down the best places to dispatch from and is an extraordinary apparatus for estimating distances. 

Additionally, Google Maps has an extremely valuable Terrain Mode that permits you to see the help of a scene better so you get an opportunity to design your photography trip significantly more carefully. It’s a great compliment to your UGCS software.


Kittyhawk does nearly all that you’re searching for in a drone app. It’s helpful for some undertakings including flight logging, pre-flight arranging, live streaming, armada the executives, and getting FAA approval. The app will likewise assist you with weather conditions, restricted air spaces, air traffic data thus some more. 

Kittyhawk continues to include new highlights and a standard premise. A portion of its latest highlights incorporates Thermal Camera, Orbit Mode, and Advisories. A few highlights require a membership yet it’s without a doubt awesome. 

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