10 internet tools to make life simpler for cultural entrepreneurs.

Internet tools
Internet tools

In this opportunity, we would like to share with you a series of Internet tools that are accessible, free, and within reach of any cultural entrepreneur.

These are resources that will save time, effort, simplify tasks, and ultimately, optimize our work. This will result in more time available for creativity and a more powerful project in its communication and management.

The evolution of this type of Intermetals has led to the fact that, in general, they offer a free option and another by subscription, with prices that are often quite accessible. Our recommendation is to try them out, see if they are really useful for us, and if we see that they fit well with our type and style of work, make a small investment to take advantage of their full potential. Of course, it is also worth doing a combination of free and subscriptions. The key is always the cost-benefit equation.

For those who still do not dare, it is important that they look to technology and the Internet as an ally to help them communicate and disseminate their projects, their art, but also optimize management to be able to devote themselves to what is important: Art and Culture.

Google Drive / Collaborative work + online documents

Google Drive is a file hosting service. Each user has 15 gigabytes of free space to store their files, expandable for a fee.

It is accessible through its website from computers and has applications for iOS and Android that allow editing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets.

Among its most interesting features is the possibility of working on documents collaboratively, having a common workspace, and keeping documents always up to date.

Google Drive allows you to install the application on your computer to work on documents from there.

Google Drive / Forms

Among the Google Drive applications, one of the most valuable is undoubtedly the one that allows us to create forms.

In addition to allowing, you to easily generate a form using modules, this tool is an excellent option for managing registrations, surveys, exams, databases, and so on.

Like the other applications, the forms can be managed from different devices (smartphone, tablet, and computer).

WordPress / Website

WordPress, in principle, is a web publishing system based on entries sorted by date; entries correspond to one or more categories or taxonomies.

In addition, it has a non-chronological static page manager. The structure and visual design of the site depend on a content-independent template system, which can have several customization options depending on its author.

It has blocks with specific functions through add-ons, whose publication is done through widgets.

Mailchimp / Email Marketing

Mailchimp is an email marketing service that allows us to have up to 2000 recipients and 12000 free mailings per month.

For most Artistic Projects and Cultural Enterprises, this is more than enough.

The tool allows us to create lists, generate campaigns, and build an audience.

It is compatible with many other applications and internet tools, allowing us to easily link our website, address book, and social networks to enhance our communication.

Evernote / Information Organization

Evernote is a computer application whose purpose is the organization of personal information through the filing of notes.

There are versions for various operating systems and a web version. The Windows version of the software supports touch screens and handwriting recognition.

Taoist – Organizer and task scheduler.

Taoist is one of the dream internet tools for those who have to manage multiple activities and projects, that is… for entrepreneurs. It allows you to add tasks in a very simple way, and assign to each of them a date and time (can it be synchronized with Calendar!), priority, labels (e.g., “pending”, “in progress”, etc.). We can also group tasks by projects and keep track of them, adding links, attachments, comments. Super easy to use and very complete. Highly recommended.

Feely – content collection, tracking, and management

Feely is one of our favorite Internet tools. It is a news aggregator that allows us to follow from the web browser or its mobile applications, instantly, all publications of websites, news pages, and other content from sites that use RSS. Ideal to stay updated, but also to constantly have ideas for new content to publish, follow our favorite sites and others, all in one place and in a very simple way to view, sort by category, share or save to read later.

LinkedIn- Professional Network

LinkedIn is a business-oriented website. It was founded in December 2002 and launched in May 2003, primarily as a professional network.

The tool allows you to upload your resume and connect with colleagues and co-workers. It also gives the possibility to recommend our work and validate our skills.

Thinking about the cultural and artistic field, it is an excellent opportunity to link with CSR and Marketing of companies and foundations.

LinkedIn also has much stricter and more personalized privacy settings than other social networks.

Bit.ly / Link shortener with statistics

This is a tool that allows us to shorten links and generate statistics from that link. Shortening endless links is not just a matter of aesthetics or facilitating sharing publications on social networks and so on. The key is that they allow us to track the impact of those links. Let’s go with an example: let’s say you add a banner of a client on your website, with the link to their business. If you use Bit.ly (instead of the client’s original URL), you will be able to see and tell the client exactly how that banner performed, how many clicks it received, where the clicks originated, etc.

Google Calendar / Agenda

Google Calendar is an electronic calendar developed by Google.

this app allows us to synchronize our events with our Gmail contacts so that we can invite them and share events with them.

Even though you do not need a Gmail account to use the software, you do need a Google Account to use it.

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