5 Best Cannabis Strains You Can Grow Outdoors 

Growing your cannabis at home is smart because luscious, aromatic, and potent cannabis buds are pricey. Moreover, growing the precious herb outdoors has many advantages but not all cannabis strain seeds thrive outdoors.  

Factors like immediate climatic conditions, soil types, and land topography impact how cannabis seeds germinate and grow. Therefore, researching seeds that match the above is crucial.  

Although researching the available cannabis strains should help you identify the most adaptable cannabis strains, the number of cannabis strains makes research tasking. However, this guide gives you a highlight of the five most adaptable cannabis strain seeds. 

Benefits of Growing Cannabis Seeds Outdoors 

Growing cannabis outdoors lowers your production costs substantially because it eliminates the need to maintain a microclimate with the ideal light intensity, temperature, and humidity. The lights, humidifiers, and air conditioners used to maintain the microclimate inflate your power bills.  

Outdoor cultivation also reduces your supplies cost, eliminating the need for items like planters and hydroponics system supplies. Besides, if you pick the best soils for growing weed outdoors, you can enjoy higher yield, with some plants yielding up to an ounce in cannabis buds.  

Here are the top five cannabis strains you can grow outdoors.  

Durban Poison Feminized Seeds 

Durban Poison is a landrace strain originating from South Africa, but the strain made it to the western world and adapted to the climate. Consequently, the Durban Poison strain thrives in the temperate climate, the dominant climatic condition in the US, and can withstand cool weather.  

Therefore, feminized Durban Poison seeds are ideal candidates for outdoor weed cultivation. Feminized seeds’ primary advantage is that they produce taller plants that can withstand holding larger, heavier cannabis buds. 

Durban Poison typically grows 3-4 meters tall and has wide branches. Therefore, although you can germinate and grow the seeds indoors, you will not face space constraints when growing feminized Durban Poison seeds outdoors. The seeds also yield dense, resinous cannabis buds with heavy resin glands. 

Besides the luscious resin, the seeds also yield THC-high crops containing 15%-20% THC. Moreover, the Durban Poison strain has an outstanding genetic composition and is naturally resistant to mold and pests, improving your chances of a bumper harvest. You can harvest approximately 450g to 650g per square meter of land when you plant Durban Poison seeds outdoors.  

The Durban Poison strain matures within 8-9 weeks and is ready for harvest. Once harvested, you can enjoy a pleasurable, energetic, uplifting “high,” ideal for when you need a creative boost. 

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Northern Lights Seeds 

Northern Lights is among the most popular cannabis strains, and its seeds are equally famous for their adaptability and forgiving nature, allowing room for trial and error. It is an indica-dominant strain that delivers a euphoric yet calm “high,” ideal for inducing relaxation and alleviating stress. 

The Northern Light strain can grow indoors because it produces stocky, compact plants. However, it thrives in a sunny Mediterranean climate, producing up to 625g of dense, resin-rich cannabis flowers per square meter, compared to the 500g per square meter when grown indoors.  

Moreover, the strain offers favorable photoperiodism (light exposure), given that its parent strains originate from a region with minimal sunlight duration. The seeds flower within eight weeks and are ready for harvest. You can opt to purchase either feminized or automated Northern Lights Seeds. 

Super Silver Haze Seeds 

Super Silver Haze seeds yield dense, resin-laded buds that produce spicy skunky aromas. The sativa-dominant hybrid strain delivers a mental “high” characterized by full-blown euphoria and a burst of energy. Moreover, the strain’s effects set in fast. 

The strain thrives in warmer climates and is an ideal candidate for outdoor cultivation if you live in warmer climates. Moreover, the strain grows relatively tall and has outstanding pest, mold, and powdery mildew resistance, meaning it can thrive with slightly less attention. 

However, the strain takes slightly longer to mature, at approximately 9-11 weeks. Regardless, feminized Super Silver Haze Seeds yield a harvest of about 500g per square meter when grown outside. 

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Critical Kush 

The Critical Kush cannabis strain is yet another forgiving cannabis strain that can grow indoors and outdoors but thrives outdoors. Moreover, the strain has high resilience, requiring less monitoring because it is resistant to pests, fungi, and mold. 

Critical Kush is among the most potent cannabis strains, containing 29% THC. Furthermore, the indica-dominant strain also features a high CBD content. Therefore, expect to experience a sense of calm, relaxation, and anxiety relief when you take this strain.  

Feminized Critical Kush seeds germinate and thrive in a warm temperate climate and flower within 8-10 weeks. Although Critical Kush buds are naturally smaller, healthy ones feature a shimmery resin coat, and you can harvest approximately a pound of buds per square meter. 

Gorilla Glue #4 

Cannabis consumers worldwide go nuts over the Gorilla Glue #4 cannabis strain due to the strain’s exceptional potency. However, most individuals do not know that feminized Gorilla Glue #4 is also a cannabis cultivator’s dream due to its high adaptability. 

Gorilla Glue gets its name from the sticky coat on its trichome-rich strain. The strain also yields dense, luscious buds and can produce up to 700g of potent, delicious flowers per square meter. The strain is resistant to mold, mildew, and fungi and produces flowers within 8-10 weeks. 


The cannabis seed bank industry has many cannabis strain seeds in its product catalogs. However, only select cannabis seeds thrive outdoors, exhibiting resilience and producing maximum yield. The seeds above are the top picks in the market and are available as feminized, automated, and semi-autoflowering seeds. 

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