How to Clean Out a Dryer Vent in 5 Simple Steps

One of the greatest home fire risks is a messy dryer vent cleaning service. Also, regardless of whether obstructed dyer channels don’t prompt family harm immediately, it’ll burn through your time, energy, and cash. 

A dryer associated with vents loaded up with build-up, residue, and soil will not function admirably by the same token. If your dryer once finished wet burdens in a single cycle or less yet presently needs two or even three, check your ventilation work. Odds are it’s not your dryer that is broken – simply dirty venting that is the issue. 

Stage 1: Locate your conduit 

To appropriately clean your dryer’s ventilation framework, you need to initially know where it is and where it closes. Toward the rear of most dryer units is a short 4-inch distance across the exhaust. This exhaust interfaces with committed ventilation work inside the divider through an aluminum elbow or other line. Hot air goes along these metal lines to ultimately arise through an opening on an external mass of your home. 

In my specific arrangement, the dryer exhaust joined a conduit at the foot of a divider inside my pantry. Situated in the cellar, from that point, it hurries to a leave vent at ground level and a couple of feet to one side of my front entryway. Covering the existing is a louvered plastic cover. It opens to allow warm air to get away yet remains shut in any case to keep creatures out. 

Stage 2: Safely disengage the dryer

Since you know the beginning and endpoints of your channel, it’s an ideal opportunity to disengage the dryer. It’s a straightforward undertaking on the off chance that you own an electric dryer. First, turn off the machine’s force string from the divider outlet. Next, eliminate any metal tape or cinches keeping the dryer vent pipe fixed to its exhaust. Assuming it’s simpler you may just need to eliminate material appending the vent to the channel inside the divider. Enlarge Image 

Delicately pull the vent pipe away from the divider channel. If your dryer is electric you ought to have the option to push the machine far removed with next to no issues.

Property holders with dryers that sudden spike in demand for gaseous petrol should be more cautious. Try not to upset the dryer’s gas line excessively if you really wanted to reposition the unit. Like gas runs, the fuel hookup generally comprises an adaptable steel hose. The hose ought to be firmly joined yet it’s ideal to avoid any and all risks. Gas spills are not kidding and risky business. On the off chance that anytime you’re uncertain, bring in an expert. 

Stage 3: Clean, spotless, clean

Now you ought to have clear admittance to the dryer channel opening at the pantry divider. You can likewise effectively get to the left point outside the house by eliminating its channel fold or conduit cover. Next, you wanted to purchase a particular dryer vent cleaning unit. I got this at my neighborhood Home Depot for $19. It comprises a build-up brush and six 2-foot-long adaptable fragments. You combine these parts to frame a bar that traverses an entire 12 feet. 

For my situation, I bought an extra unit which two duplicates of its scope and gives a backup brush head for safety’s sake. The finish of the clever contraption likewise fits inside standard force drill hurls. So equipped, you’ll have the option to turn the brush with a lot of speed and force. 

Add the brush end of the pole into your channel. I chose to enter from an external perspective of the house since that is its most elevated point. The thought was to utilize gravity as a guide to clear held-up garbage. It’s simpler to gather build-up on my pantry floor too than it is from inside my mulch-covered blossom garden

While turning the bar (counterclockwise to try not to unscrew its portions), push the brush to the extent that you can down the pipe. Ideally, you’ll have sufficient length to arrive at the conduit’s opposite end. Remember the interaction may take a couple of takes a stab at depending on the number of exciting bends in the road your ventilation work might have. 

Stage 4: Tidy up, reconnect everything

On the off chance that your dryer vent is in any way similar to mine, anticipate that a lot of lint should come flooding out of the divider. The measure of garbage that littered the pantry floor pushed my upstanding vacuum to the edge of total collapse. In the end, I needed to clear out the vacuum twice to return it to the working request. Looking back, I recommend utilizing a basic brush and dustpan. 

After everything is clean, set everything back the manner in which it was – with one exemption. If your dryer utilized a delicate foil-style vent to connect to the divider conduit, dispose of it. These hoses are a realized fire hazard. I for one supplanted the first semi-inflexible venting with a couple of 90-degree aluminum elbows. Flexible yet hard, they’re sturdy and give the best wind stream period. 

Stage 5: Do a preliminary attempt and grin

For sure. Giving your dryer channel an exhaustive cleaning is sweat-soaked, muddled work. Two years of channel disregard was all it required to viably injure my old dryer. A speedy preliminary attempt post-cleaning, notwithstanding, affirmed the machine had recovered all its force. Not exclusively would I not need to purchase a costly new unit, but I’d put an end to the danger of a terrifying dryer fire. Well, that is a beneficial errand. 

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