21 Six-Figure Jobs in Healthcare

Do you want to work in healthcare but don’t know where to start? These are five healthcare jobs that pay a six figures salary.

Six figure Salary
Six figure Salary


Because not everyone enjoys their semi-annual cleanings, dentists are often criticized. Your reputation won’t impact your success as dentists are among the most highly-paid medical professionals. A bachelor’s degree is required to become a dentist. 

This includes courses in biology and chemistry. The Dental Acceptance Test (DAT) is required. This test is typically taken in the third year of your undergraduate program. Because dental programs can be competitive, this test is as important as your academic level.

PayScale reports that the average annual salary for a dentist ranges from $ 75,090 up to $ 237.055.

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General Surgeon

Being under the knife can be stressful for anyone. It makes sense that those who perform these procedures are paid a high salary. A bachelor’s degree in biology, physics, and English is required to become a general surgeon. 

It is also important to have work experience in healthcare. To apply for medical school, you must pass the Medical College Admission Test. This test involves two years in labs and classrooms followed by two years in the field with doctors.

PayScale reports that the average salary for general surgery is $ 245,000 per year with a reported range of $ 99.451 to $ 352,562.

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Medical director

The medical director is responsible for overseeing many aspects of an organization or healthcare facility’s operations. They ensure that patients receive the best possible medical care. You will be expected to serve as an intermediary between the hospital’s staff, administration, and patients as a medical director. 

Most positions will require a master’s or doctorate as well as state medical licensure, board certifications, and experience in clinical teaching.

PayScale reports that the median annual salary for a medical director is $ 193,709, with a reported range of $ 99.078 to $ 307.830.

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Hospitalists ensure that patients are provided with the best care possible and that staff relationships are maintained. This job requires an in-depth knowledge of federal and state regulations as well as an active medical license. 

You will be the hospitalist’s main contact for all matters related to patients, emergencies, changes, communication, and between families and doctors. This is a stressful job that can lead to 12-hour shifts. However, the payoff will be your paycheck.

PayScale reports that the median annual salary for a hospitalist ranges from $ 126,887 up to $ 247.320.

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It is no surprise that the doctor’s role is a high-paying one. However, doctors require years of education to become a doctor and practice medicine. You will need a bachelor’s degree, which can include courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. 

After completing your bachelor’s degree you will need to pass the MCAT to apply for graduate programs. You will then need to continue your education for four more years through a combination of classroom training, laboratory work, and practical clinical experience.

PayScale reports that the median income for a doctor is $ 161,838/year with a reported range of $ 96.569 to $ 239.376.

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