6 Best Disk Cloning Software for Mac

Do you want to create a bootable backup for your Mac? If yes, then you have to use the best disk cloning tool for the system. The best Disk cloning software helps you to replicate the operating system of your device. It allows you to clone a Mac hard drive to an SSD and vice versa. These tools can save your precious time and avoid the manual work of cloning a hard disk which is a time-consuming and cumbersome task. 

Disk cloning software helps you to reboot and restore your Mac device to the original version, and system recovery, repair the damaged drive, etc. By using this software you can create your local backup for drives. In this article, we will provide a brief introduction to the top 6 disk cloning software for your Mac.

Top 6 Disk Cloning Apps for Mac

1. Clonezilla

It is considered one of the best drive cloning software for mac. Clonezilla is a highly efficient tool that can perform cloning tasks at high speed and accuracy without significant delay.  It can also be used to create disk partitions and recovery in your Mac. 

Clonezilla comes with many advanced features such as its bit copying, OpenBSD, HFs+, FAT32, scheduled backup, and many more. It offers you to install a boot loader on your Mac. You can use this tool without any cost. 

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2. Super duper

It is a perfect tool for disk cloning and backup in Mac. The interface of this tool is user-friendly and it’s very simple to use super duper on the device. This tool allows you not only to create a bootable backup but also to clone your internal drive. You have three options for backup:- Erase and copy, copy new files and copy different files. you can opt for any one as per your requirement. 

It doesn’t remove data from the original location, you have to use the smart update option to erase such data.  You need to update your tools frequently so you can use the sandbox backup tool to know the update status of applications on your device. 

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3. Get backup Pro  

It is considered the safest tool which keeps your data safe and secure through amazing tools like archive, backup, and folder sync. Etc. It allows you to create bootable and encrypted backup files so that you can recover your files in case of device failure. 

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4. Chronosync 

Chronosync can do multiple tasks in your system. It enables you to perform backup data, hard disk cloning, and create a bootable backup. Chronosync tool can be used by professionals, filmmakers, musicians, and many others. By using this tool, you can sync your important files or folder so that they restore them when you need them. You can purchase this tool only for $49.99. 


5. Acronis cyber protect  

It is the best cloud-based disk cloning app for mac. Acronis cyber protection provides speed, security, and many other amazing features. This tool helps you not only to create backup files but also to protect your device from malware. Acronis cyber protect comes with many advanced features like Recovery by using WinPE, view contents of recovery, etc. 

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6. AweClone 

It is such a simple tool that allows you to clone your disk through two modes. Aweclone offers you to copy your hard drive from one to another. On the other hand, it can also create a disk image of the hard drive so that it can save disk images to any location. This tool is not only effective in disk cloning but also as a backup of files and programs. 



In this comprehensive guide, we discuss the top 6 software for disk cloning on your Mac. we are sure that these tools will be highly beneficial for you and will save your precious time for creating a backup for your important files. 

Every tool has unique features which make them special. You can choose any good software as per your requirement.  If you have any issues or queries then you can contact us. Thanks and have a nice day!

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