7 Reasons why you should have bike insurance

Damages caused to your health and bike during an accident can increase your financial stress. To avoid it, apply to 2-wheeler insurance that provides sufficient coverage for injuries and bike damages. If you opt for comprehensive two-wheeler insurance, it will cover both injuries and repair costs. The third-party bike insurance offers coverage for the damages or injuries to the other parties. A full or comprehensive two wheeler insurance plan comprises third-party liability cover as well. The other reasons that make two-wheeler insurance essential for your bike are listed below:

1. Increasing accidents 

A surge in the use of vehicles and bad conditions of the roads often leads to heavy traffic jams. Bike accidents have become common nowadays and certain damages to your bike can cost you heavily. If you have 2-wheeler insurance that offers extensive coverage for repair costs, you can save a lot of money. 

2. Coverage for natural incidents 

Accidents need not be the only reason behind bike damage. Natural events like earthquakes, floods, lightning, etc. can also cause heavy damages to your two-wheeler. A comprehensive bike coverage offers complete coverage for natural incidents. 

3. Coverage of the non-natural crisis 

Crisis or incidents that are non-natural can also put your bike at risk. For example, riots, strikes, burglary, and other man-made disasters can cause some damage to your bike. Getting bike insurance is the only solution to avoid paying for the repair expenses from your pocket. 

4. Coverage for legal liabilities bike insurance

If an accident is caused due to your negligence, the other party can file a third-party claim on you. There is no need to pay these expenses from your pocket if you have third-party bike insurance. All bike owners must get a third-party two wheeler insurance cover for their bikes.

5. Cashless Claims in bike insurance plans

A regular two wheeler insurance plan will reimburse the repair costs once you raise a claim with all the necessary proofs and bills. Some insurance companies also offer cashless claims that allow you to settle bills without spending anything. It is because the network garages have direct tie-ups with the insurer. However, you will not get this benefit if you get your bike repaired at a non-network garage. 

6. Cover for spare parts 

Some spare parts of your bike are costly and can be damaged during an accident. Getting them repaired would cause less of a financial burden if you already have two wheeler insurance. You can also avail a separate add-on cover for depreciable spare parts that are made from plastic, rubber, and glass. 

7. Personal Accident Cover in bike insurance

A full 2-wheeler bike insurance plan also comes with a personal accident cover. You can also protect the pillion rider cover by getting an add-on cover for them. Therefore, the expenses related to injuries and hospitalization after an accident can be easily covered. 

A comprehensive two-wheeler insurance policy also offers a fixed sum insured if the rider gets fatally injured or disabled during an accident. This sum insured is paid to the nominee or legal heir of the insured. 

Getting a bike insurance policy has become inevitable these days due to the uncertainties associated with driving on roads in India. To extend the benefits and coverage of a bike insurance policy, you can opt for add-on cover plans as well. Zero depreciation cover, pillion rider cover, engine protection cover, and many other options are available these days. To explore the best two wheeler insurance prices at competitive pricing, you can surf the website of Bajaj Finserv. The bike insurance plans of various insurers can be found on their site and you can also search the add-on plans that meet your requirements here. 

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