America Beaten By Taliban after 20 Years in Afghanistan

The Pakistan great Leader Dr.Israr Ahmed Predicted this Situation 16 years ago. And Prediction comes true. Dr.Israr says that Afghanistan beat the USA and create a new Kingdom with the help of Pakistan. The Taliban conquered the American Army. It is the big revolution on the earth. Dr.Israr Ahmed Predicted many other things. They have also come true and some are remaining to come true.

Super Power Is No More…!

Cover refugees are getting hurried into typically the United States and this brings concerns above whether they’re getting properly vetted, past Border Patrol Office Mark Morgan.

An additional attack likely, promises more strikes upon IS

The particular Biden administration reports some 50, 500 refugees from Afghanistan will be established in the USA. Morgan stated he agrees with resettling folks that helped the USA with the war work, but then a few are considered common refugees, which is a concern because these people are being mailed away so quickly.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Chief executive Joe Biden offers vowed to maintain airstrikes against the Islamic extremist group whose committing suicide bombing at the particular Kabul airport wiped out quite a few Afghans plus 13 American support members. He cautioned another attack has been “highly likely” plus the State Division called the danger “specific” and “credible. ”

The Pentagon said the leftover contingent of Oughout. S. forces in the airport, right now numbering fewer than four, 000, had started their final drawback ahead of Biden’s deadline for closing the evacuation on Tuesday.

After obtaining a brief on the U. S drone mission in Asian Afghanistan that typically the Pentagon said murdered two members regarding the Islamic Express group’s Afghanistan internet marketer early Saturday, Joe Biden said Saturday that typically the extremists can assume more.

Just how Instagram star aided the rescue of dozens coming from Afghanistan

A lot of desperate Afghans who were simply trying to run away from the Taliban simply before Tuesday’s deadline day with regard in order to the U. They would. withdrawal from Kabul managed to get in purchase to safety along with assistance from a good unpredicted place: Instagram influencer Quentin Quarantino.

Quarantino may be the alter pride of 25-year-old Tommy Marcus of New York City, previously best known for his generous memes and great humor about opponents associated with COVID-19 vaccinations. Together with his fans, Quarantino raised $7 million within times on GoFundMe in order to launch rescue quests into Afghanistan in order to evacuate as several men and women as you can, several of whom mentioned they had recently been threatened by typically the Taliban.

On Thursday, their mission “Operation Flyaway” helped ferry 51 men and women coming from Afghanistan to Uganda on a for-yourself chartered plane loaned by the GoFundMe campaign.

More as compared to 121, 000 men and women who had to make donations to typically the campaign after Marcus made a charm to his 832, 000 followers so that it is one of typically the most significant humanitarian fundraisers in GoFundMe’s historical past.

Biden Says 2nd Kabul Airport Attack Most Likely in 24-36 Hours

Chief executive Joe Biden cautioned that conditions within Kabul during the particular final days associated with the U. H. expulsion remain “extremely dangerous” and expressed his / her military commanders informed him throughout a briefing Sunday morning that another attack is “highly likely in the next 24-36 hours. ”

“I directed them to be able to take every achievable measure to prioritize force protection, in addition to ensuring they may have just about all the authorities, resources, and plans to protect our men and women on the ground, ” Biden said.

Thirteen U. S. military personnel and eighteen other American service members were wounded in a suicide bombing Thursday outside the gates of the Kabul airport, where the U. S. has been running its evacuation operation. On Friday, the U. S designed a retaliatory strike that will kill two users of ISIS-K, the particular Islamic State offshoot that has stated responsibility for the particular attack.

America & India is Afraid of Taliban now…!

USA & India have no more options to Accept the Taliban. Israel also has a fear of the Taliban and Pakistan. Pakistan and the Taliban are those countries that never give up. Pakistan underground helps the Taliban and destroys the USA army.

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