Apple AirPods 3rd Generation Review

Apple AirPods (3rd Gen) Review: Better Sound and Improved Design

Ever since Apple launched Airpods, this is the first time that design has changed. The classic design is now replaced with a more subtle appearance. Priced at $179, the 3rd generation Airpods have a very similar appearance to that of AirPods Pro. The new design comes with all new and better features. 

Much-Needed Upgrades

Spatial audio head tracking, increased resistance for water, and longer battery life are the new features added to the upgraded version of the AirPods. Their wholly unique design makes them recognizable instantly. As aforementioned they have an appearance similar to that of Airpods Pro, but instead of the silicon tips, the ends are chopped off and are made of old-style one-size-fits-all hard-on-plastic. What remains unchanged is the ease of usage and deep integration in the Apple environment. 

Improved Sensors

We know that Apple has always been about optical sensors, but the problem with the earlier version was that it abruptly started the content if the buds were kept in the pocket without the case and now in all-new AirPods 3rd generation, there are skin sensors, which means it will recognize when the buds are out of the ear and will automatically pause the content, and vice versa without confusing your pockets with ears!!  


One major issue with the upgraded version is the fit. Making a design that fits all is a struggle, and the new design fell right into the trap. While some users say the design fits well and is comfortable, many still struggle with its fit. Although the 3rd Generation design is more bulged and fits deeper into the ear than the classic design, providing more comfort for the ears, yet the hard-on plastic doesn’t seem to fit every ear. 


Apple claims that the battery would last up to six hours, which appears to be correct. On a full charge. But volume is a consideration, and you may expect less when using spatial audio as well. These are the longest-lasting AirPods available, while wireless earbuds with longer battery life are available (they are usually larger, though).

The charging case, which is similar to that of the AirPods Pro but is somewhat narrower, stores another four full charges, allowing you to charge the earbuds multiple times before needing to find a socket.

New Features

Apart from the design, a few other things have been upgraded as well, such as now you can get hands-free Siri voice commands. 3rd generation Airpods have now a more extensive Find My support. For the clumsy ones, who always seem to lose their buds, now don’t have to worry about the most prominent question, “how to find lost AirPods?”. With all-new approaches, one just has to switch on Find My supports for AirPods, and you can track the location of your buds, even if they are not nearby, for up to 24 hours after they were last connected to your device.


The white color still remains the only color they are available in. Even though it’s surprising that Apple didn’t try to camouflage the black grilled speakers, mics, and vents around each bud, by launching them in black colour. Though it would have made sense, yet the tradition of being in white remains the same, white buds with a white case. The stems are shorter, and this seems to be the right decision, because looking at the Pro buds with shorter stems the classic long ones seemed a bit ridiculous.

Other Improvements

To make a list the pros of the launch are IPX4 water resistance, less conspicuous design, skin sensors, and enhanced sound quality, where the cons stand as noise cancellation is not that great, let in outside noise, spatial audio is inconsistent, and Magsafe reverse wireless charging from iPhone is not available. 


  • Water resistance IPX4
  • The sound quality has improved.
  • Design that is both comfortable and subtle.
  • Charging via wireless and MagSafe
  • The spatial audio is excellent.
  • GPS tracking


  • Inconsistent spatial audio
  • They allowed a lot of outside noise in.
  • Fit does not feel safe enough to engage in strenuous activity.
  • There is no active noise cancellation (ANC) technology.
  • AirPods Pro are often on sale at the same price.
  • There are no ear tips that can be swapped out.
  • There is no way to change the EQ.

Verdict: New Design And Greater Appeal

To conclude it is best to say that AirPods 3rd generation gives you numerous reasons to purchase them starting from improved voice quality to a more comfortable design. Just be cautious with how it fits into your ear, because, what’s the point if they don’t fit. Though the bulbous design gives the upper hand over the classic design but is still behind the fit of Airpods Pro, with their adjustable silicone tips. 

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