How to Fix It Arlo home security camera not recording?

The Arlo camera is a wireless & waterproof home security camera system. It works better indoors at home as well as outdoors. The connectivity protocol of this camera is Wi-Fi then you can easily and securely watch your home view remotely. You can completely use this camera in your home, office, & workshop. The Alexa device absolutely works with the Arlo home security camera. Then you can simply connect this camera to the Alexa & voice control. With the wire-free design then you can simply go anywhere. The night vision feature works with this camera that thoroughly works at night & dark. The motion detect feature is enabled to detect the motion & send the notification directly to Gmail or the app. 

The Arlo camera is fully water-free and thoroughly works with night vision, & motion detection features. Moreover, it can capture photos or clips and send you alerts whether you’re at a long distance from the home. It records clear video at all times during the rainy season & night. A mobile app is also available that allows you to connect your mobile to the camera. But for this, you have to install the app. Just install the app & completely perform the setup. 

What is the function of Arlo Home Security Camera?

The Arlo camera thoroughly works better & records UHD video. The 1080p HD resolution is here in the security camera that allows the recording of ultra HD quality videos. If you mount this camera in your home, then you need to know the function. The sync button is here on the front side of the camera, this button is a solution to the how-to sync Arlo camera issue.  Because without knowing the function you are not able to use this camera in the proper manner. Here are some security camera functions. 

  • 100% wire-free home security camera
  • AC power button located
  • 2-way audio, speaker & microphone
  • Night vision
  • Scheduling
  • Wide-angle lens
  • Waterproof security camera
  • Audio & motion detection alerts
  • Cloud storage

Why is Arlo Home Security Camera Not Recording video? 

The Arlo camera completely records the video & also captures the clips & photos. The video quality of this camera is good & higher than the other camera. But sometimes, the issue causes the camera to not record the video. If the camera will not record the video, then you will not be able to see the view of your house and your home will not be secure. There are some issues due to the camera not recording the video. 

  • Power cable faulty
  • Camera’s location incorrect
  • Noty connecting to the computer or mobile phone
  • Camera lens dirty

How to fix Arlo Home Security Camera Not Recording video?

If the Arlo wireless security camera does not record the video then you can simply & easily resolve the recording issue. Here are some steps that quickly resolve the issue in just a minute. 

  • Ensure the arlo camera connect to the power source

If the Arlo camera does not record the video, then you have to verify the power connection. Because sometimes the power connection is not done properly due to which the camera device is not able to record the video. So for this issue, you should check the power cord of the camera, if it is not triple plugged into the power supply then you should plug it into the power supply. If your camera works with battery backup, then you have to ensure the battery. If the battery power is low, then using the AC power adapter you have to charge the camera security camera’s power. 

  • Verify the connection

Many times it happens that security records the video but you do not see that recorded video. So the reason for this could be the connection, if the connection between your camera and device is not properly then you will not be able to watch the recorded video. You should verify your device is properly connected to the wireless security camera setup. If the connection is faulty then you can establish the connection. By using the Arlo app, you can effortlessly establish the connection. 

  • Examine the Arlo camera’s lens

Many times, the Arlo security camera lens is dirty, due to it not being able to record the video. Then, for this, you have to use a dry cloth or a small brush. By using the dry cloth, you have to clean the camera’s lens in the proper manner. After that, it absolutely records the video & you are able to watch the recorded video. 

  • Reboot the home security camera 

To resolve the recording video issue, you have to reboot the security camera. To reboot the camera, you have to unplug the camera from the power supply. Then, you have to hold the power button for a few seconds. Then the camera power is switched off. After some minutes, you can again press this button & switch ON the power.

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