How to solve Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router speed issue

Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router Not Getting Full Speed? Fix It!

The Belkin AC1600 is a wireless dual-band WiFi AC+ Gigabit networking router. It provides powerful & high-speed wireless network signals. This networking router delivers powerful completely whole-home WiFi network coverage. Additionally, the Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router uses dual-band AC+ technology, then it offers super-fast downloads, smooth gaming, and hiccup-free video streaming at speeds of up to 300 Mbps + 1.3Gbps. This router completely works with AC technology then delivers super faster network speed. The AC technology is better & more stable than the N technology. This networking router thoroughly supports MultiBeam technology that absolutely reduces the WiFi dead spot & interrupted network signals. The AC network performance delivers fast, reliable, & more secure network signals in all rooms that are available in your smart home. 

Furthermore, the USB port is built-in in the back panel of the AC1600 dual-band Gigabit router. This port usually supports the USB device. If you have a network-attached storage device, then you have to simply make the connection with this device. The setup of the Belkin ac1600 wireless networking router is not complex, very simple. Just use the web interface & simply perform the wireless setup through the login default IP. 

Why is the Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router not getting full speed? 

The Belkin ac1600 WiFi router comes along with dual-band networks. The dual-band network completely supports 2.4GHz or 5GHz networks. With this network, this network router delivers the fastest network for multiple devices. The 5GHz network of this router provides a 1.3Gbps range. Additionally, the 2.4GHz network delivers a 300Mbps Wifi range. But sometimes, the network range of this router is slow or weak so the user cannot watch your favorite shows, not stream 4K videos, & not play on the gaming console. Here are some reasons due to the ac1600 wireless router not getting full high-speed. 

  • Many networking device connect
  • Disable 5GHz network
  • Firmware version outdated
  • Not performing the setup

Solutions: Belkin AC1600 Gigabit Router Not Getting Full Speed

If the Belkin ac1600 wireless router does not deliver the high-speed network connectivity. You should check the issue manually, & then try to resolve this manually quickly. To resolve the speed issue, here are some solutions. 

Disconnect extra device from gigabit router

If the Belkin ac1600 WiFi router network range is slow or weak then you ensure the network device status. Because sometimes, many network devices are connected to this networking router then this device does not deliver full speed network signals. In the setting of this router, you have to verify the network status. If many networking devices are connected, you have to easily disconnect the extra by changing the password. You have to select the password column in the setting. Then, you have to mention the new password in the password. You have to re-enter a new password to confirm the new password. In the end, you have to click the save option & a new password is generated. After that, the extra device automatically disconnects. 

Configure the ac1600 router setting

Sometimes, the setting of the ac1600 wireless router does not configure due to this device not getting full speed. To resolve the issue, you have to verify the setting. By using the default ip, you can easily reach the setting. You have to select the wireless setting under the setting. Under the wireless setting, you have to choose the network option first. Under the network, you have to check the network. If the 5GHz network is disable then, you have to enable it. Also, ensure the security protocol, you have to enable the security to fully protect the router. 

Connect the range extender to the router

To amplify the Belkin dual-band AC router range, you can connect the extender device. Because the extender device delivers high-speed network signals. Moreover, the network coverage of the range extender is more. The WPS button is available on the top side of the ac1600 gigabit router. Then, with this button the range extender device is simply connected to the router. After that, you have to configure the range extender to the router. Through the belkin.setup, you can effortlessly configure the extender to the dual-band router. 

Ensure the ac1600 router location

Sometimes, the location of the Belkin ac1600 Gigabit WiFi router is not correct and it does not deliver full high-speed range. To resolve the issue, you have to completely examine the location. Do not place the router near the heating source as well as heating devices such as refrigerator, microwave. Also, do not place the router near direct sunlight. You have to place the router in the ventuilates & very cool area. 

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