Belkin N300 wireless router light issues?

The n300 wireless router is used to enjoy a high speed and hassle-free network in houses or offices. In this router, you will get a strong and fast network connection. The network connection in this wireless router will remove the dead zones and transfer the data with 300Mbps speed. It will provide the network in hard-areas even penetrating walls. The Belkin n300 wireless router works with all kinds of 3rd generation wireless devices as well as access points. The router is perfect in size and shape even though you can take this device with you on your travels. If you are confused to choose the best wireless network device then this is the best for you. 

The Belkin n300 wireless router comes along with smart LED indicators. Which indicators the actual working status of your router.  By checking the lights you can verify the internet stability and connection. To use all the benefits of this wireless router you need to set up your Belkin n300 wireless router. By accessing the Belkin router login setup page. Without setup, you can’t enhance the network. You can easily connect your android device with the wireless router and enjoy the high-speed performance and online gaming, Streaming, and more. 

Importance of LED indicators in N300 wireless router

The Belkin n300 wireless dual-band router transmits the full-speed internet connection to your house/offices. It will give you the speed of 300Mbps and wide-range coverage. The network will cover every corner and single point. The furthermost important feature of the router is the LED indicator. These indicators are very useful to show the status of your Belkin n300 wireless router. By checking the LED status you can easily estimate the signal quality and the range of your wireless router. 

If LED indicators appear in a blinking mode that means the router is working properly. Whereas if a red light appears that means the internet is not working it may be issued with your internet connection. In the same way, The orange light is the symbol of firmware corruption. So in this way the LED indicator is more important to get the actual status of your Belkin n300 wireless router. 

Reasons of Belkin N300 wireless router light issues

If LED indicators are not working properly, Not showing the actual status, then it can create a problem for the users to check the status. There are many reasons behind this kind of light issues some are here : 

  • Maybe due to corrupted router firmware.
  • Belkin n300 wireless router not installed properly or not connected all the wireless. 
  • No internet connection, Or poor connectivity
  • Not getting proper power supply.

Ways to fix belkin n300 wireless router light issues

In order to fix these issues shortly, You will need to restart your wireless router. To restart, First, check the LED indicator’s status. Then simply unplug the main power plug from the electric socket carefully. If you already connected the cable with the wireless router, remove it properly. Now press the restart button for 2 seconds and wait to reboot. You will notice the LED light will switch off. 

Wait for 10-15 minutes then connect all the wires properly and switch “ON” your wireless router by pressing on the power button. In this way, you can fix the light issue. 

Check the ethernet and power connection 

To fix the light issues properly you must verify the cable connection. If you are using an ethernet connection, you must check that the cable is connected properly. Sometimes due to not connecting properly, It may cause problems. The sound of ‘TICK” will come out when you insert the ethernet cable on the router port. That means connected properly. Also need to verify the power cord is connected with a working electric outlet. The power button is switched ‘ON’. Sometimes due to damage to the power cable, it also causes the same problem. You can replace it by visiting a nearby store. 

Replace the location or check internet connectivity

Sometimes the poor internet connection may be the major factor of this kind of issue. In order to set up your Belkin n300 wireless router, you just need to access the default IP Address. To reach on the admin login portal. You must check that any kind of network obstacles are not placed near the wireless router. Verify that the internet is working or the internet wire is properly inserted in the router. 

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