Benefits of a UPS with Eco-mode

Energy efficiency is a very hot topic right now and has been for several years, as experts debate how our energy consumption will affect the environment for our children and grandchildren.

With this in mind, energy service companies are usually keen to make a statement about their commitment to energy efficiency and the environment in general, and so they produce products and services to help address this issue.

So what is a UPS? A UPS system comes into play during a power outage, providing constant power to critical loads and preventing data loss. Visit also: APC online store in Pakistan

Eco-Mode explains

The Eco-Mode system connects the load to the grid instead of using the UPS battery; it goes into bypass mode and conserves battery power.

This is called “eco” because the system operates in “stand-alone” mode and only uses the UPS when the mains voltage drops below a certain level. Eco mode systems are known as online systems that operate in stand-alone mode, although this is hard to understand!

Problems with eco-mode

Many data centers consider the fact that a system is unplugged a significant risk to their equipment and data.

Smart operations managers also see through many marketing claims related to UPS eco-mode, advertising it as revolutionary or innovative, even though the technology has been around for a long time.


The obvious risks of using a UPS in eco mode include loss of data caused by having to switch from mains power to an inverter offline in the event of a failure.

If the system remains online and Eco mode is not used, the likelihood of such a malfunction is much lower, since power is constantly consumed from the same source.

There is also an obvious risk of exposing sensitive IT equipment to untreated line voltage that has not been “cleaned” by the UPS system.

Advantages of operating in eco-mode

As the name implies, this system operates at a higher efficiency than a stand-alone system; 98/99% efficiency.

In addition, the bypass switch is ready to switch over to the UPS to protect equipment in the event of a power failure. Or when the quality of the raw power falls below the minimum.

There is also an obvious economic advantage: while the efficiency of an online UPS is about 94%. The efficiency in eco-mode is 98-99% – this saves money in the long run. Which is very important in these times of tight budgets.


Operating in eco-mode comes with risks because energy is taken directly from the grid. But the benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings cannot be ignored.

Energy prices are steadily rising, and this will become an even bigger problem in the future. When the rush caused by population growth and supply shortages reaches its inevitable peak. Perhaps the risks associated with switching to green technologies seem even more insignificant compared to the potential energy savings.

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