Best Places to Visit Near Kasol

Tap that wanderer in you to explore the beauty hidden in Kasol. If you are wondering where to go to begin your exploration, here we suggest a few stunning spots which are a must-visit. Kasol lying amidst the repository of Himalayan terrains has a long list of places awaiting to flaunt its beauty down your path.

Manikaran Sahib

Located at the Hariharghat at Kullu Himachal Pradesh. This sacred place is open 24/7 for visits. It is believed that one of the first religious leaders of the Sikhs Gurunanak visited that place. The Gurudwara at Manikaran Sahib is one of the most venerated pilgrimage sites and the most visited place in Kasol. The hot pink of this place is considered to be very secret and brought to the god are being cooked there and consumed with the divine feeling. Pilgrims bathe and perform rituals in the hot Springs to feel the closeness to God. A place having saintly traditions is a must-visit when you plan a trip to Kasol.

Kheerganga Peak

Another art piece of nature resting at the Parvati Valley is a must-try. showcasing its flawless beauty of the lush green hills, clear skies, and sometimes snow-capped peaks. a holy place lying at the extreme end of the valley holds you immobilized between the blue sky and green mattress-covered earth. make sure you don’t miss out on the KheerGanga trek. considered one of the easiest treks, it can be attempted by beginners also.

The Kheerganga peak is known as the land of Lord Shiva and the locals believe that lord Karthikeyan, son of Lord Shiva meditated in this place for 1000s of years. Though all mythological beliefs twirl around this place, it stands tall and bold to stun you with its surprise throughout the way. starting from waterfalls flowing down your path to hot spring admits the snowy hills.

Parvati River

Originating from the Mantalai glacier and running down the Parvati valley, this river is definitely a requisite to the Kasol attractions list. flowing in a sinuous trail through the Parvati valley it streams down into river Beas near Kullu. pausing your frames beside the river, you enjoy the rumbling of the water as the water tumbles. This might not be an adventure sport but its ravishing beauty pulls you towards having a visit. You can just lie down on the beauty’s bed and enjoy the alluring view along with a deliciously cooked meal. You can also test your fishing skills with your legs almost half-dipped in the frothy river.

Tosh Village

One more piece of attraction lies in the Parvati valley is the Tosh village, located at the banks of river Tosh, this village stands above at an altitude of 2400 ft above sea level.

This village flaunting its scenic beauty attracts a lot of tourists across the country. The Tosh trek also starts from the base of KheerGanga and takes you through the valley. Tosh unveils its paradise-like beauty during the winters, with all snow around and astonishing views all above this beauty. Thus, this falls into the list of must-have experiences in Kasol.

Tirthan Valley

Located 60 km away from Kasol lies the best-kept secret of Himachal ” the Tirthan Valley”. Being one of UNESCO’s heritage sites and home to the great Himalayan national park, it baffles you with its splendid views. This valley rests high to fill you with bliss that stays eternal. presenting you with the uninhabited Himalayas, camps beside rivers,  treks through the jungle, and passing through the spurting waterfalls, it holds all different activities to indulge you in its beauty.

Chalal Village

Experiencing cross-cultural life is always fun. The halal village resonates with Israeli culture. This village stays rich with its houses and mouth-watering cuisine which showcases the true essence. make sure to visit the Tosh cafe to experience some finger-licking delicious food from Israeli cuisine. This village stands high at an altitude of 5,366 feet above sea level in Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh. Most of the solo travelers end up here taking a break from their tiring life.

Pulga Village

Located at Sosan, 16 km from Kasol and at an altitude of 2,895ft above sea level, Pulga village attracts all backpackers. With plenty of tea gardens enveloping all peace within its beauty,  this place will give you the most wanted break of your life, undisturbed, hustle-free, and away from the busy buzzing world facilitated with all modern amenities Pulga village gifts you, your ” me time “.

Bhuntar Town

If your adventure thirst is not satisfied,  here is Bhuntar town, to test your adrenaline rush and satisfy your thirst,  located at Kullu, 30 km away from Kasol, driving through the narrow roads, this location lies back at Parvati Valley. Being an ideal offbeat pick-up for hikers and trekkers,  it also has man-made exhibits like a nature park, Vishweshwar Mahadev temple, bags falls, etc.

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