Best SEO strategy for voice search and intro of voice search

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The searching pattern on Google is changing day by day. Instead of uploading the Google app and then typing queries on the search bar people prefer to speak. It is better to speak rather than write a full sentence. And that is where voice search comes into the picture. Nowadays, if you want more and more traffic on your website then voice search is going to help you a lot. In this article, we will cover some major aspects of the Best SEO strategy for voice search.

Introduction of SEO Strategy of Voice Search

Voice search is a method of browsing, where you speak your query and get results from search engines.  Search engines use AI technology to analyze your voice and then detect the actual query from it. AI and machine learning technologies are making the best efforts to improve the performance of voice search.

So, if you believe that after a few years, people will forget to type on a search engine, then you are almost right. Generally, at our home, we prefer to guide a search engine through speech. And that is why voice search is increasing its popularity.

From Where We Can Make a Voice Search

The simple answer is everywhere. Almost every big organization’s website or app is providing voice search technology. Every search engine is ready to provide you voice search technology. You can have a quick eye at this list below:

  • Google Home: Google
  • Amazon Echo/Alexa: Bing
  • Google Assistant: Google
  • iPhone/Siri: Safari
  • Android phones and devices: Google
  • Microsoft Cortana: Bing.

And no doubt, if you search by yourself you will find more voice assistants. Because of its popularity and demand among the folks.

How Does Voice Search SEO Works

 As you know, human beings show a different approach while speaking. While speaking comparatively, we use more words. At the same time if we have to write something then we will use fewer words in that process. And this is where a huge change comes into the game. In voice, search keywords do not play a crucial role. The reason behind this is extra words as well as the unordered queries. But this is a hectic task for a voice assistant technology to understand your query then match it with correct results. And then, in the end, deliver the right results to you.

Optimization for Voice Search

Now let’s see how you can optimize your content or website for voice search. So, there are several ways to optimize for voice search.

Focus on Conversational Content: as you know people usually are more conversational in voice search. That is why you have to write your content more comprehensively and simply. This is the only way you can get better results from voice search. As well as you have to maintain the flow of the content and try to be as concise as possible.

Be Precise With The Data: Data plays a very important role in our daily life. And for better user experience you should mention the exact and correct data in your content. If you have to write about the first Nobel Prize winner in your content. Then, you have to mention several other data for that particular winner as well.

Mobile Friendliness Can Make You Leader: after doing all the stuff, if your data or website is not mobile-friendly then all your effort is a complete waste. To optimize your website for mobile properly.


Thus, you can assume how important voice search is. If you want to grow as a business person or blogger on the internet. Then, voice is something that you have to tackle sooner or later.  Because your potential audience is showing more and more interest in voice search. If you apply all these techniques then the probability of your success in voice search could be increased. Here we want to inform you about our social media services. In a situation you wish to purchase Instagram followers in Malaysia you can visit our website. At a very affordable price, we can provide you with real Instagram followers.

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