Best Tourist Places in Juneau | Travel Guide

A small capital city in Alaska, where no road goes, Juneau is a place with some of the most mesmerizing scenic views. Very few tourists are aware of this place, and hence it is very quiet and less crowded. Although there are not many architectural sites to visit in this place, mother nature has done wonders, and it has become a tourist attraction over the years. You can reach this beautiful place with Alaska Airlines Booking or by sea only. Even though this place might not sound or look convincing in the pictures, it is with all your time, and it is an ideal location for a weekend getaway. We have prepared a small list of places to visit if you decide to spend your weekend in Jareau. 

Mendenhall Glacier

Even though this place is less populated and not known to many, around 4,00,000 visitors come to visit Mendenhall Glacier every year. The glacier is located on the outskirts of Juneau and is just a 12 miles ride to this beauty. Sky-high mountains hugged with a blanket of snow make this place picturesque. The beautiful backdrop is perfect for capturing the ideal selfies for your Instagram handle. You can also stop at the visitors center where you can watch a short film describing the beauty of the Mendenhall glaciers

Tracy Arm Fjord

Since the weather is usually cold here, there is heavy snowfall for visitors to enjoy in every part of the city. Tracy Arm Fjord is a place surrounded by beautiful snow and waterfalls that makes the views jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Many people who’ve been to this beautiful state that this place must top the list in Juneau to-do list for every tourist. You can trek to the Tracy Arm Fjord, which is 45 miles south of the city. You can make advance bookings with Allen Marine Tours or Adventure Bound Alaska to make the best out of this place. 

Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure

Glacier Gardens Rainforest Adventure is a beautiful rainforest in the heart of Juneau. This place is a little heaven on Earth for people who love natural settings. This gorgeous place is spread along 50 acres of land, and you can spend a quiet day with your family here. The bloomed plants, air filled with a fresh fragrance, and the colorful butterflies make the place what it is. The highlight of these rainforests is the flower towers, also known as the upside-down trees. 

Mount Roberts Tramway

This adventurous ride will take you 1,800 feet above sea level. You can start your trek from the base camp of the cruise docks. The view from the mountaintop is so mesmerizing that you wouldn’t want to come back. You can choose to walk or hop on a vertical ride to the Gastineau Channel. You can also shop or watch a display at the Mountain House located on the top of the Mountain Roberts Tramway. This small but gorgeous place in Alaska might not be on your bucket list yet, but once you book your Alaska Airlines Tickets and take a trip to this beauty, you will get to know why it is worth all the time and distance you have to travel.

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