Can Photos Be Uploaded to Instagram from Computer?

Development was announced, which would be especially pleasing to content producers and people serving in the field of social media. Accordingly, it will soon be possible to upload photos to Instagram from a computer.

There is always an issue that people who make careers in digital marketing, social media, digital PR, and similar fields, who provide services and provide consultancy, always complain. And that is not being able to share on Instagram from the desktop, that is, the computer.

Can Photos Be Uploaded to Instagram from Computer?

As it will be remembered, last year (2020) in April, the DM feature came to the web version of Instagram. We have explained the details of the subject in the news titled DM Feature Comes to the Web Version of Instagram. You can review the news for detailed reading.

Yes, after the DM feature from the computer, Instagram has now announced that it is working on an update that will enable photo sharing from the desktop. By the way, for those who don’t know, it is already possible to share IGTV content from a desktop/computer. Only content sharing such as photos, videos, reels, and stories was not done from the desktop. Photo sharing will be possible soon. Maybe in the next step, it will be possible to do all Instagram actions from the computer.

Content producers, social media consultants, agencies, and corporate companies may be planning and sharing their Instagram posts from the desktop, using various digital tools and in the Facebook content production center. But I guess not everyone uses them. Instagram must have planned this update to make users’ desktop experiences sustainable.

In fact, an official from Instagram told Engaged, “We know that many people access Instagram from their computers. We’re testing the ability to create posts on Instagram via web browsers to improve this experience.” he said.

So, with the update to be made, how will photos be uploaded to Instagram from the web? Here are the details!

Upload Photos to Instagram from Desktop

To upload photos to Instagram from a computer, you need to log in to your Instagram account from your desktop device. Then, you need to click on the Create icon between the Direct Message and Discover buttons, which will be located in the upper right corner. I can say that we will encounter a screen that we are used to on mobile to create a post.

To share, we first adjust the size of the image you choose from the computer. Then we adjust the filter and light settings. In the last step, we enter details such as description, tags, location. Yes, now we can click the share button.

Let’s see when Instagram will launch this tested feature. We will be transferring up-to-date information on the subject from Branding UK. In the meantime, you can be a part of our community by following Branding UK on Instagram. Click here to follow.

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