Chadar trek- A Perfect Detailed Guide

Chadar trek- A Perfect Detailed Guide

Chadar trek- A Perfect Detailed Guide
Chadar Trek or Frozen Zanskar River Trek, a frozen ice trek during winter in Ladakh of north India.


Chadar trek, The title is enough for what we are going to talk about. Chadar trek is all about the towering mountains, blood-chilling temperature, and frozen waterfall. 

If a traveler is going to explore Ladakh and you like to take challenges then they must visit the Chadar trek or Zanskar gorge. 

Ladakh is home to wanderers and nature lovers. Chadar Trek is a gifted magical land. If you think there is no level of adventure, this trek will brag you right for adventure for 75 km long at 11123 km. 

 Chadar trek gives meaning to the phrase “ Do before you die”. Because chadar trek gave the thrill and a sense of danger.

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As the chadar name denotes, This chadar trek will amaze you with its mountains where the zanskar river freezes and gives a look like a white blanket of freeze ice.

Chadar trek starts over the river Zanskar which lies frozen during the winters. Here we will get to know the detailed guide of the chadar trek which will help;p you to make a detailed planning of doing so. 



Reaching to Leh

Reaching Leh by Air is one of the easiest ways. If you choose to reach by Air, you will be flying over snow-covered Himalayan mountains. Once Landing at Leh you will surely get wonderstruck with the entire range of snow-capped peaks and high mountains and Cold and crisp air will greet you so It is important to warm you up as soon as you arrive at the Leh. You have to spend a night in Hotel a complete rest is important for the trekking days are coming. 


Acclimatization day

On this day you can go sightseeing and explore the local Leh culture or you can spend the day shopping in the Leh market. You can go for small sightseeing and vising the places around the city, it will help your body to get fully acclimatized to the weather condition.


Leh to Shingra Koma >Trek to Tsomo Paldar

After done with breakfast and your trek journey will start with seeing the beautiful valleys and getting a glimpse of the Zanskar river and after the journey towards the road, Shingra Koma will start.  These will be the most scenic drives let you witness beautiful spots like Gurdwara Pathar Sahib, Indus, and majestic hills where you can take pictures of beautiful scenes. After 3-4 hours you will reach Shingra Koma. This is the start point of walking on the Zanskar. 

You can see the various rock formation. During this trek, there are multiple surfaces that would come across while walking on the Zanskar. After slipping, falling, and trying to gather your balance you will be reaching Tsomo Paladar. Here the temperature will be zero degrees and sub-zero.


Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave

Chadar trek passes slowly and gradually from Tsomo Paldar to Tibb Cave and it takes 6-7 hours at 400 ft altitude. After spending the cold night in the Tent you will have a hot cup of tea in frosty condition. After breakfast, you will head to the next campsite which is Tibb Cave. After walking for a couple of hours you will come across the rock patterns.


Tibb Cave to Narek Camp

You must have heard that weather patterns are unpredictable, you will witness the same on the Chadar trek. 13 km long trail will lead you to the most beautiful and masterpiece frozen waterfall. You may have hot lunch on the way to Narek. Narek camp is t a distance of 20 min from the frozen waterfall. If you have time you may visit Narek village and You will spend the night in Narek camp.


Narek Camp to Shingra Koma

On this day you will be heading to Shingra Koma after having the breakfast. This takes 9 hours of thick ice trek. As the Trek gets over you will be driving back to Leh and you have to spend the night in any hotel.


Shingra Koma to Leh

This will the last day of this entire journey where you will head to Leh Airport or where your journey can start onwards the onwards destination. Someone who starts their journey from Shingra Koma to Leh should play the role of guide for the people who start their Trek. They for sure ask you to share your experience. You should talk about your experience while it is fresh in your mind.


The chadar trek is one of the beautiful and amazing treks in Leh Ladakh. It is frequently covered by challenging bleak ways and towering mountains. This trek definitely will make you realize how much stamina and fitness you have.

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