Change the font in your Instagram Biography

Change the font in your Instagram biography: How?

 In order to change the font in your Instagram biography, you need to follow the following steps :

  1. First, you need to go to a site that generates text fonts for the Instagram app.
  2. Simply enter the text that needs to be changed. The generator will allow you to see the options of existing fonts.
  3. Select your favorite text and copy it
  4. After selecting your Instagram profile, you must click on the 3 small dots located in the upper right corner. Then choose “Edit profile”. All you have to do is paste the new text in the “name” and “bio” sections.

Be careful, use these different fonts wisely! Biographies that are written entirely with certain types of fonts are quite difficult to read. It is better to select a few keywords and highlight them, such as your name, a quote, or just a word.

How to change the font in your Instagram biography?

Finding the right fonts for your bio or profile name on Instagram is a snap. If you want to find out how to change Instagram fonts, you should definitely read this article. For more, you also need to know the top site to buy Instagram followers in Canada.

Create your Instagram biography

It’s best to start writing your Instagram profile biography right in Notes, which is an app on your phone. Thus, you will be able to insert paragraphs or spaces that will not move, once they have been inserted on Instagram. This might not work if you add new paragraphs, or write your text on a new line while trying to write your Instagram bio straightforwardly.

If you are a blogger, we recommend that you keep a single geolocation location. This will allow brands and businesses that want to collaborate with you to know in which country you are active and whether you are a potential asset for their influencer campaigns.

You can also add multiple interests or mention what you do as a job. This will allow people to directly understand the theme of your profile and it will also define the kind of users who will be attracted to your Instagram page. Do not hesitate to use emojis to embellish the text.

Finally, make sure to add a URL address that will allow your visitors to visit a website of your choice. You could add a link that points to:

  • Your profiles on other social media (like Facebook or LinkedIn)
  • Your blog
  • An online store
  • One of your last Youtube videos

Adding a Text Symbol

If you want to make your name or your biography more interesting, without using emojis, you will always have the possibility to add special symbols. You can find these symbols on specialized sites and you just have to add them to your profile. You will quickly see that the choice is enormous!

Edit your Instagram highlight covers

The very last thing you can do is change the highlight covers to style your Instagram profile.

So, do you already know what changes you’ll be making on your Instagram page? Let us know! We are curious to see the changes you have made to your profile and to find out if it has made you more successful.

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