Comparison Between Different Laptops Brand


When it comes to laptops, most people immediately assume they need a Mac.  But if you’re not a fan of Apple or are looking for something more affordable, don’t worry. There are plenty of amazing laptop options out there.

First, you should determine your computing needs because this will help narrow down the kind of specs you’ll want in a laptop. For example, if you just need to use Microsoft Office and browse the internet then any computer with 4 GB of RAM will probably suffice, but if you want to edit HD videos or play graphics-heavy games then look for at least 8 GB of RAM and one that has an Intel i7 processor or equivalent AMD chip.

The next thing to consider is what size laptop you need.  There are small, light laptops like the 11-inch MacBook Air ($999), large windows that provide a full keyboard like the 15-inch Dell XPS ($1,599), or a plethora of hybrids between the two (like the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro priced at $1549). In addition to size consider form factor as well – some laptops only have one position they can be in (this is called clamshell) while others can bend into different positions.

The last thing you want to focus on when buying a laptop is storage space and computing speed. Speedy SSD drives are getting cheaper all the time so if possible look for something with 256 GB of storage or more. Remember that these are just some specifications to consider; the best way to determine a laptop’s worth is by using it yourself.

Apple Laptops

Apple laptops are generally very sleek and stylish. They use almost exclusively Intel chips, which gives them the edge when it comes to speed and performance but also raises the price tag – Macs are an investment, not a purchase.  However, with Apple you do get what you pay for – OS X has all sorts of nifty features that make using your laptop more efficient and fun.

Dell Laptop

Dell’s Inspiron tends to be a less expensive option than Macs without skimping on quality or specs and most of them are listed in the best laptops under 500 these days; they deliver plenty of processing power while remaining impressively thin. Dell laptops come equipped with Windows 10 by default, though this can be annoying for some as it takes up on the hard drive (making it harder to fit movies, music, or other files) and can’t be removed. In addition, some people may find the Inspiron’s touchpad finicky to use since it has a mind of its own at times – this is especially true if you’re using Windows 10 rather than Mac OS X.

Lenovo Laptops

The Lenovo Yoga line is one of the best hybrids (meaning they have a bendable screen that allows you to use them in different positions).  They are comparable to Dell laptops when it comes to speed and performance but also come with all sorts of bells and whistles that make them stand out from the pack. For example, some models come equipped with biometric sensors a keyboard so no password is needed to log in.

Another unique feature of the Yoga is that it can bend back a full 360 degrees so you can use it as a tablet-like an iPad.  But be aware that this does mean the keyboard will be on the backside and if you’re not careful you could smudge up your screen with dirty fingers – yuck! MacBooks

HP Laptops

Although they aren’t as popular as Dell, Lenovo, or Apple laptops, Hewlett Packard makes some pretty decent machines.  Their business and executive models are quite expensive but will provide great performance for the cash you’ve invested and their Spectre line is a favorite of mine.

HP is known for making sleek, sexy-looking computers that won’t break the bank. While most HP laptops come with Windows 10 installed (as does Dell) I find them to be much easier to work with than Inspirons.  The touchpads are responsive and accurate, the screens sharp and clear – all without too many technical setbacks.

Samsung Laptops

Samsung tends to make affordable products that have good specs for the price tag; they’re not always the best on the market but they’re not as bad as some would lead you to believe.  Their Chromebooks are fast and efficient, making them perfect for students or anyone who likes to work from anywhere (the Secure Folder feature allows you to keep your sensitive files safely locked away). The ATIV Book 9 Plus is a luxury laptop that looks like it costs twice as much – its beautiful construction brings to mind an ultra-modern car with a sleek exterior and high-performance interior.

If you can get your hands on a Samsung laptop then I recommend considering one because of their affordability and decent specs – just don’t expect a Mac or Dell caliber device for half the price. Honorable Mention

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Acer Laptop

For many years Acer was known for producing some of the cheapest laptops on the market, which often meant that they were cheaply constructed and didn’t last long.  They made our honorable mention list this year because their Aspire line has really stepped up its game with impressive specs and their 5th Gen Core i7 processors (that are comparable to an i5 except they have double the amount of cores).

The Acer Aspire 7 is particularly notable; it comes equipped with a whopping 12GB of RAM – enough memory to multitask like crazy and run antivirus software all at once!  It also features a sleek aluminum design that looks much more expensive than its actual price tag.

ASUS Laptops

The ASUS ROG (Republic of Gaming) G752 is a beautiful looking best gaming laptop that’s frequently compared to the Alienware brand due to its futuristic design.  If you’re in the market for a gaming computer but don’t want to spend thousands of dollars then this is one of your best options as long as you can get past the fact that it only has 256GB of hard drive space. Buy this tool Advanced System Optimizer 3

But if you want something that’s not just powerful but also looks cool, I recommend checking out the ASUS Vivobook Pro which sports a brushed aluminum cover and gold accents on its keyboard – it definitely makes for an eye-catching statement piece.

Toshiba Laptop

If you happen to be in the market for a budget laptop then Toshiba is a great choice which is why they get both an honorable mention and a top 5 spot this year.  Their Satellite Radius line features everything you’d expect in a laptop including fingerprint recognition, Intel Core i7 processors, 12GB of RAM, backlit keyboards, and much more.

They also have some pretty decent ultra-portable options such as the 13.3″ Satellite S55t that weighs only 3lbs without sacrificing processing power or battery life.  You can’t go wrong with any of their laptops because they’re all great for students or anyone on a tight budget – just remember to choose one with at least 8GB of RAM since anything less might not be powerful enough for daily needs. 


Our list of top laptops is composed of great laptops from Dell, Asus, Samsung, and Acer that have the best specs for their price tags (based on user reviews).  We’ve included all different types of laptops including Chromebooks, budget models, gaming computers, and ultraportable devices so there’s something for everyone!

Some people might find our rankings to be slightly biased towards certain brands (such as favoring Dell over HP or vice versa) but these are mostly based on popular opinion which was gleaned from online research.  

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