Cook and Apple’s Best Ten Years

On Wednesday (August 24), Tim Cook (Tim Cook) served as Apple CEO for the tenth year.

  According to Unshared News: Two months ago, Apple released its financial report. From 2010, a company with a value of less than 200 billion U.S. dollars has achieved a market value of 2.5 trillion. No one can question Cook’s performance.

  But “Cook is a businessman” and “the current Apple is only for-profit”, even if Cook turns Apple into the “world’s most valuable company”, this kind of evaluation still hasn’t disappeared.

  As a consumer, looking at the increasingly expensive but less revolutionary iPhone, and the one more thing’ moment that has become more and more distant from memory, those emotions above must exist.

  But as the CEO, even Steve Jobs personally asked the lone next hit’, Cook’s story is worthy of another round of conclusions.

The beginning of “not so peaceful”

  In his first year as a CEO, it may be the time when Cook encountered the most doubts in his life.

  One day in August 2011, Cook suddenly received a call from Jobs and rushed to his home. In the conversation that day, Jobs entrusted the future Apple to Cook and let him serve as Apple’s future CEO.

  And only six weeks later, Jobs left Apple forever.

  In March of the following year, less than a year after Cook took over the position of Apple CEO from Jobs, his first official appearance at the Apple conference seemed a little nervous. Although Cook said, “I’m very excited to be here,” you can hardly feel the word “excited” from his speech. Wearing a straight shirt and explaining the PPT page by page, everyone can see the difference between him and Jobs intuitively: Cook doesn’t have the charm of Steve Jobs.

  In the following April, the US Department of Justice accused Apple of cooperating with several book publishers to manipulate the price of e-books. This lawsuit lasted for a long time and ended in an apology from Apple.

  In July, Technology said, Apple released its third-quarter financial report. Previously, some analysts predicted that iPhone shipments would reach 28.9 million units, but only 26 million units were reported in the financial report. Although an increase of 30% year-on-year, the problem is that this is nearly 10 million units. For the second time this year, Apple has not met Wall Street’s expectations.

  Also in 2012, the senior vice president of retail stores, John Brauyt, was fired because he was incompatible with the leisurely, meticulous, and patient business philosophy of Apple retail stores. Scott, who was once a popular candidate for CEO after Jobs’s death, was dismissed. Fausto also left Apple because of the failure of the two products Siri and Apple Maps.

  This is Cook’s first year as CEO.

Cook and Jobs|Visual ChinaCook and Jobs | Visual China

  Whether it was a rigid press conference, a mediocre product update, or the resignation of two Apple executives, Cook was questioned, and people were not optimistic about Apple’s future. “Apple’s peak period has passed and is now going downhill” seems to be the consensus of the outside world at that time. People believed that Cooks could not compare with Jobs, and worried that Cook would lead Apple to its demise.

  Everyone cares if Apple is still as beautiful as before, but no one cares how Jobs wants Cook to solve Apple’s problems.

  Looking back at the beginning, when Cook first joined Apple in 1998, Apple was on the verge of bankruptcy and had low morale. It was not a fascinating company. Although Jobs’ return gave Apple a glimmer of hope, he has not actually sold any products. As Microsoft quickly occupied the computer market with Windows 95 in 1995, Apple computers began to decline.

  Jobs was determined to make up for Apple’s biggest weakness at the time-the management of the supply chain. Cook, who was very good at supply chain management, was introduced to Jobs. Five minutes after the two met, Cook decided to abandon all his caution and logic and join Apple.

  More than 20 years later, even after suffering many questions and ridicule, Cook still feels that this is the most correct decision he has ever made. So does Jobs think that appointing Cook as CEO is the right decision?

  Obviously, we cannot get an accurate answer to this question. But when Jobs decided to choose Cook, he chose not a pioneer who explored a new blueprint, but a promoter who could extend the blueprint he created to the end and to the extreme.

  Cook clearly did this. Jobs’ great innovation brought about an era and finally created a valuable company in the world in Cook’s hands.

Is there innovation?

  ”I hope you have a brave leap, don’t be afraid of the feeling of falling… I hope the crowd shouts, calling your name.” At the 2014 new product launch event, Cook listened to OneRepublic’s “I Lived” backstage at the Flint Center Come to encourage himself. On this day, Apple Watch and iPhone6, which are very important to Cook, came out.

  Apple Watch was released as a “One more thing” product. This phrase created by Jobs is only used to mark a major revolutionary product. It is also the “next chapter of Apple’s story” in Cook’s mouth.

AppleWatch is an important product of Apple during Cook period | Visual ChinaApple Watch is an important product of Apple during the Cook period|Visual China

  This is the first important product without Steve Jobs’ involvement, and it sold about 270,000 yuan less than 24 hours after its release.

  According to the latest data, the global shipments of the Apple Watch are close to 100 million units. According to the statistics of American research companies, in the US market, about 35% of iPhone users own Apple Watch, and this number is still growing. At present, Apple Watch’s share of the global wearable device market has accounted for 55%. This data is in fact much higher than the iPhone’s market share.

  Also released along with Apple Watch is the new iPhone model iPhone 6.

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