Create An Instagram Feed Widget From Scratch

Create An Instagram Feed Widget From Scratch

Instagram Feed Widget
Instagram Feed Widget

Meta Description -Instagram feed widget will help you to engage your website visitors by displaying social content on your website in a really simple way.

Social media marketing has become a trending strategy for brands and marketers who are looking for means and ways to improve their marketing efforts and enjoy more business profits. 

Quite like the name suggests, social media marketing is the process where brands and businesses promote their products or services on social media platforms. 

Not only promotion, but this strategy also enables brands to widen their reach and interact with their potential customers on a personal level. 

Speaking of social media platforms, there are many which have climbed the ladder to make a place amongst the most highly used platforms, however, Instagram has emerged as one of the platforms that have tremendous potential to upscale the marketing efforts of businesses. 

Thanks to the stunning and vibrant presence of the platform, Instagram has garnered immense attention from its 1 billion+ monthly active users. Taking this to the best of their advantage, businesses have begun to showcase their Instagram feeds on their website to reap maximum benefits! 

If you are unaware of the complete process, then you have reached the correct place. Make your way to the end of this post as we will be guiding you through the embedding process from the scratch. 

Let’s get started! 

Steps To Easily Create An Instagram Feed Widget For Website 

  • Shortlist an appropriate embedding tool 

Before getting started and shedding light on the embed process, you need to understand that there can be no content embedding without an appropriate tool. Make sure that you give extra attention to the features of the tool before shortlisting or finalizing it. 

If you are out of time, we have mentioned a few tools as we reach the end of this blog that you can take into consideration and leverage for the process. 

  • Log in & aggregate the Instagram feeds 

After you select the tool, you need to create an account and log in to start with the next step. Once you have signed in, you will reach the dashboard section of the tool. You will be able to aggregate the Instagram feed by choosing the Add feed option. 

Additionally, you might be given an option to select your content aggregation source i.e.- hashtags, username, Instagram stories, IGTV videos, mentions, tags, etc. After this, you will be ready for the next step i.e.- modification and customization of the Instagram feed widget. 

  • Moderate & Customize the content 

After aggregating the feeds, you must improve the look of the Instagram feed widget according to the overall presentation of your website. While every tool has a different set of customization options, you need to make sure to use it to the best of your ability. 

You will be given options like changing the background, using a variety of fonts/colors, themes, layouts, etc. 

After you are comfortable and satisfied with the overall look of the Instagram widget, you will be set to start with the embedding process. All you will be required to do is follow the instructions mentioned on the website and you will be able to generate and copy an embed code for the embedding process. 

Simply copy the embed code on a clipboard and paste it into the backend section of your website where you want to showcase the Instagram feed. Save the changes and it will be done! 

Efficient Tools To Embed Instagram Feed On The Website 

  • Taggbox Widget 

The advanced features of the platform are what make it a much-preferred choice amongst brands and businesses. 

The platform has no complex structure and allows the users to choose from a wide range of customization options like fonts, colors, themes, templates, layouts, etc. 

Details like total likes, engagement, clicks, etc would help the users determine how your website visitors are reacting to the content. 

  • Snap Widget 

Another great tool that allows the users to effortlessly embed an Instagram feed widget on the website is Snap Widget. Apart from Instagram, the tool also allows users to aggregate content from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube too. 

Using this tool, the users can collect content from Instagram posts, videos, or IGTV. Additionally, the users can take support and assistance from the back support of the tool if they come across an issue while using the tool. 

Closing Note 

We have reached the end of this post and you are now acquainted with the process of embedding an Instagram feed widget on the website from scratch. 

This strategy has become an extremely popular and sought-after strategy by brands and marketers to take their brand to the next level. Use the steps mentioned and you will be able to take your brand to the pinnacle of success! 

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