Cyber Attack And Social Media Is Phone Tracker

A paper related to refraining from sexting as positive relationship behavior states that nearly 88% of adults have shown involvement in sexting in relationships.  Now imagine a teenager who has no idea about the hard consequences of sending a nude photo on the internet. He thinks it is safe to send the photo through the private chat box as apparently he or she is sending it just to a friend or boy/girlfriend for fun. There is a chance of forwarding the same photo on more than one platform and when I say it can spread like fire in the jungle you have to believe because social media and instant messenger chat apps hold that kind of power. 

Cyberbullying is a worldwide problem. According to a survey that includes 24 countries,80% of people complain about facing cyberbullying issues. 

  • 10% of parents reported that their children suffered from cyberbullying 

Thus the smartphone your child has in their hand can be the reason for severe mental illness, depression, or anxiety of your child. If you have a secretive one then there might be a chance that they will never share any struggle with you thus you will remain unaware of much your child is suffering just because they share a personal photo with the wrong person or if someone has their weakness. 

OgyMogy offers tons of features that can be used to keep up with the online life of your kid. Some of the amazing features are as follows.

Access to the Web Content:

With the track, internet history feature you can easily track all the web browser activities of your teenager. Know what kind of websites are usually visited by your teen and if it contains vulgar content. Track any triggering stuff and make sure you have a serious one-to-one chat with the kid in case you find anything triggering in their web browser. 

Web Filtering :

The OgyMogy phone tracker app is not like other apps. It not only highlights the problem but also provides a solution to cope with the challenge. The web filtering feature block any unwanted content for your teenager’s device. Make sure that do not visit any suicidal content or sexually related material on the web.

YouTube Screen Monitoring:

Youtube is a major platform to watch all sorts of videos. Your child may have a personal youtube account you don’t know about. Use the youtube screen monitoring feature and keep an eye on what kind of media is uploaded on the teenager channel. You can also watch the streaming video history as well to know what kind of videos catch your teenage attention. 

WhatsApp Spy App:

Don’t allow your kid to make video calls with a stranger through Whatsapp. Yes, the Whatsapp spy app offered by the OgyMogy phone tracker and know about the contact details of the teenager’s WhatsApp account. 

Snapchat Spy App:

No need to pray about the disappeared snap at text messages and images as OgyMogy saves all the data for the user. Even if the teenager tries to get rid of all the records, the phone tracker will save them for you. These features can be very effective while dealing with any child abuser or bully as even if there is no record of the data on the cellphone, the original file can be recovered by the OgyMogy web portal easily. 

Facebook Spy App:

Monitor the private chat box of the Facebook newsfeed and keep an eye on the content shared by your teenager. If anyone is bullying or threatening your kid, OgyMogy will report you about it right away. Take necessary measures and make the online space a safe place for the young generation. 

Instagram Spy App:

In the race for more followers and friends, teen sometimes crosses the line and share sensitive content on the platform. This kind of mistake can be very lethal in the future as it can make the victim of bullying and harassment. With the Instagram spy app monitor the uploaded content and stop your kid from sharing personal data and confidential information with strangers. 

Thus to make sure that you are being a responsible parent and know how to deal with modern-age problems you have to make some amendments in your life. Among many others make sure you are a regular user of parental control apps like the OgyMogy.

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