Difference between Computer and Network

Today we discuss the major difference between Computers and Networks. First, we Define what is a computer.


A computer is an electronic device. It sends and receives data from one device to another device. It looks like a machine.

Types of Computer

There are many types, some are given below,

  1. Microcomputers.
    1. Microcomputers are small-scale devices. The structure is set for the single use of an operator.
  2. Minicomputers.
    1. These computers are mid-range computers.
  3. Mainframe computers.
    1. These devices are powerful devices and are mostly used in big firms. Their structure has big memory and well structure processors. These are expensive devices.
  4. Super-computers.
    1. These are large Systems and complex, mostly used in engineering and scientific Organizations.
  5. Servers.
    1. From the word server, we easily imagine the definition of the server computer. These devices are shared resources with other computers.
  6. Workstations.
    1. These are high-performance devices designed for a single user.
  7. Information appliances.
    1. These are old versions and small computers. It is used for editing text and playing videos.
  8. Embedded computers.
    1. These are those devices, that are used to connect many hardware to hardware. It’s a combination of input and output devices.

Some pictures are given below:


By connecting, two or more computers we make a network. Networking is the sharing of data or information over a system through the Internet.

There are many types of Networks.

  1. LAN(Local Area Network)
  2. PAN(Personal Area Network)
  3. MAN(Metropolitan Area Network)
  4. WAN(Wide Area Network)

I hope you understand the major difference between Computers and Network

If you don’t understand it, by this short sentence you can make a sense of the major difference between computer and network. The network is the Small part of the computer. If you don’t have more than one device then you should not build up any network. If you have more than one device and you can link them correctly then you build up a good network.

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