Yoga asanas to get back-pain relief problem after delivery

Are you also troubled by back pain or back pain after delivery? Being a mother is the dream of every woman, but women have to face many health problems during and after fulfilling this dream. That is, during pregnancy and after delivery, women have to face many problems. One of these is back pain. Although back pain is bothersome even in pregnancy, it starts increasing after delivery. After delivery, every woman has to suffer from back pain, to get relief from it, she often takes painkillers. Painkillers provide temporary relief, but then you may feel pain. In such a situation, you should do some yoga asana regularly. With the help of these yoga asanas, you can get rid of your back pain. By doing yoga, you can keep yourself completely fit. Let us know about these yoga asanas-

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1. Hip Opening

The hip opening page helps in relieving back, waist, and entire lower body pain. If you are suffering from back and back pain after delivery, then the hip opening page can act as a pain reliever for you. Regular practice of hip opening increases the strength of the back. Along with this, it also improves blood flow or blood circulation. If you are a patient of sciatica, it can also be beneficial. Not only this, it also burns the fat of thighs, belly, hips, and waist. By doing this, the stiffness of the back and waste is reduced.

How to do Hip Opening:-

  • To do this page, first of all, lay a Yoga mat.
  • Sit on this with the legs straight.
  • Keep your left leg straight and bend the right leg at the knee.
  • After this, make a little distance between the two paras.
  • Now make a gesture of Namaste with your right hands.
  • Look at the left toe with your eyes. After staying in this position for a few seconds, come back to the normal position.
  • You can repeat this process 3-5 times.

2. Malasana

Malasana is made up of two words, stool and posture. The position in which one is seated while expelling the stool is called Malasana. Sitting in Malasana is very beneficial for the back, stomach, and waist. If you are troubled by post-delivery back pain, you can practice Malasana regularly. Along with this, it relaxes the muscles of the knees, back, waist, which reduces stress.

Method of doing Malasana:-

  • To do this asana, first of all, sit on a yoga mat.
  • Bend your right knees and sit down. In this stage there is a bowel movement.
  • Now place the armpit of your right hand on the right and the armpit of the left hand on the left knee. After this, mix both the palms.
  • After remaining in this state for some time, come back to the normal state.
  • By doing this yogasana regularly, you can get relief in your back pain.

3. Hanumanasana

If you are troubled by back and back pain after delivery, then Hanumanasana can be done regularly for this. By practicing this, your problem will be relieved to a great extent. This yoga pose stretches the lower back, hips, and legs. At the same time, it also straightens the spine. Provides relief from hamstring and thigh pain. Learn the method of Hanumanasana-

How to do Hanumanasana:

  • To do Hanumanasana, first of all, sit on your knees on a Yoga mat.
  • Keep a little distance between the right knees.
  • Now take a long deep breath and move your right leg forward. During this, the outer part of the heel of the right foot will touch the floor.
  • After this, while exhaling, tilt your torso forward. Try to touch the floor with your fingers.
  • Then move your left knee backwards. During this, the front part of the foot and the knee should not touch the floor.
  • Now take your right hand over the head. Join the right palms and come in the posture of Namaskar.
  • After staying in this state for some time, come back to the normal state.

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4. Phalakasana

By doing Phalakasana, you can also get relief from back pain after delivery. Regular practice makes the muscles strong. It helps in strengthening the shoulders, back, and waist. It strengthens and stretches the back muscles. By doing Phalakasana, your physical strength increases. Not only this, by doing it daily, the fat stored in the muscles also starts decreasing. Phalakasana is considered to be the best yoga asana to increase concentration.

Method of doing Phalakasana:-

  • To do Phalakasana, first lie down on your back on a Yoga mat.
  • Keep a little distance between the two legs.
  • After this, fold your hands with elbows.
  • Lock both the palms together.
  • Now while breathing slowly, try to raise your whole body while giving emphasis on the hands.
  • During this, keep the fingers of your feet on the ground and lift the soles.
  • After staying in this state for a few seconds, it comes back to normal.

If you are also troubled by back and back pain after delivery, then these four yoga asanas can prove to be very beneficial for you. But in the beginning, do it only under the advice and supervision of a Yoga Expert or Yoga Guru.

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