Don’t Just Go For Box Sleeve Printing UK, Add Real Value

So you searched for ‘box sleeve printing UK.’ That means you understand that box sleeves can help you create professional-looking packaging that grabs customers’ attention. 

A Brief Introduction

Packaging or box sleeves can be wrapped around individual products or product packaging. They are usually used to add aesthetic appeal to the packaging cost-effectively.

They can act as the perfect companion to product boxes by adding another layer. You can design them to contrast the product box and the sleeve. That gives you another opportunity to make your products stand out on store shelves.

Box sleeves are becoming increasingly popular, especially in fashion. Instead of buying plastic boxes, some companies choose to use this packaging option as it is cheaper and more flexible than using hard materials like wood or plastics for their boxes. It can also be used for commercial products like electronics.

The sleeves can be made in various materials, depending on the brand’s preference and product category. They are usually made using paperboard, but you can also find them in corrugated material. 

This blog will take you through various box sleeves designs. Furthermore, we will look at unique design elements that can help your packaging sleeves look stellar. 


Let’s begin.

Four Box Sleeve Designs

This section will tell you about four trendy box sleeve designs. The idea is not to copy these designs, although you can do that. 

However, studying these options will serve as a benchmark to get your creative juices flowing. 

The idea is to study the options and see what elements you like or don’t like in these designs. That will help you develop your unique sleeves, a good starting point for your sleeve design.

Single Side

This design is trendy and suits products that require more space on their packaging. Shoe boxes or phone covers will look great in this design. 

The sleeves are wrapped around the product from the front only. So, you don’t have to worry about wrapping them from both sides. The single-sided design makes it easier for shoppers to easily access the product compared to double-sided designs that wrap around twice.

You can access the product by removing the sleeve entirely. This design is also good for products that need to be described on their backs, which you can do using stickers or labels easily.

Double Side

This design wraps product sleeves around products from both sides. However, it requires more time and effort than single-sided designs as a lot of folding is required to wrap the sleeves completely. 

This design is good for products that need to be described on both sides. It allows for more information and branding opportunities on the packaging.

Barcode Slot

This design adds another dimension by adding a bar code slot on both sides of the box sleeve. You can use this space for bar code printing or sticker labels. Since the space is uniquely created for this purpose, you can create many options on the sleeve without affecting the product.

Box sleeve Hanging Slot

This design allows you to add a hanging slot to your packaging solution. You can do that by adding a foldable tab at the top of the sleeve box. There are various benefits of adding a hanging slot. The most important is that it allows retailers to hang your product or display it on shelves more easily.

So there you have it, four trendy box sleeve designs. These are the most popular and effective among today’s packaging solutions for products like smartphone covers, shoes, and toys.

You can study these options and create unique sleeves that add value to your product packaging while also taking your brand value higher. Many brands rely on box sleeve printing in the UK.

However, there are other ways too. They involve adding a unique or custom design element that makes your box sleeve unique.

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Speaking off, let’s go over these unique design elements. 

Add-Ons For Packaging Sleeves

Add-ons that can function to create outstanding packaging sleeves are:

  • Embossing
  • Debossing
  • Hot Stamping
  • Spot UV
  • Die-Cutting

Let’s go over these options and see how they can benefit your business.


Box Sleeve Embossing

This design element creates an impression on your packaging sleeve’s surface by pushing the paperboard against itself. Usually, pressure is applied with metallic rollers to create textured prints that are unique and elegant. 

Embossed sleeves can help you add value to your product packaging because it makes your sleeve look more attractive than regular flat sleeves. You can use them to add visual texturing or dimension to your packaging design, giving it a premium look and feel.


This option is the opposite of embossing. De-bossing creates a concave print on the sleeve, making it attractive but fragile. It looks great when combined with engraving to create an elegant visual effect that can bring your sleeves to the next level.

Hot Stamping

The popularity of hot stamping is due to its ability to deliver an outstanding branding opportunity while also bringing value and elegance to the packaging solution. You can use it to stamp your logo, a unique design, or other patterns on the surface of your packaging sleeve.

Box Sleeve Spot UV

Spot UV is a luxurious way to add value and make your box sleeve shine brightly. This technique uses glitters and special spot varnish that adds texture and super brightness to any part of the packaging solution.

It works by applying a stencil on the sleeve and then applying special spot varnish or glitters directly onto specific areas of your sleeves. That creates a visual effect like no other and adds an incredible sense of luxury and sophistication to your packaging solution.

Box Sleeve Die-Cutting

This option is about adding unique shapes or patterns to your packaging solution. It’s a common technique for sleeves, boxes, gift boxes, and other solutions. Cutouts are created by cutting around the design with knives tightly packed together.

This technique gives you the power to create almost any shape that matches your business needs. It’s also the perfect choice if you’re looking to create packaging sleeves with custom shapes, sizes, and patterns.


So there you have it! Now you know how to design outstanding box sleeves that will help you create exceptional packaging solutions. 

Remember, it’s important to use these four elements in your sleeve designs so you can stand out and attract customers with your one-of-a-kind packaging solution. Remember to make sure the design element enhances its value and makes it more attractive for customers. 

I hope your search for box sleeve printing the UK continues to bear fruit.

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