How can I fix the Gmail service is not working issue?

Gmail has become the best service when it comes to doing email-related work immediately. There is no such issue with this email service as you can send a message along with attachments. But sometimes you may stuck when it stops working. When this error occurs you won’t be able to send or receive email
Whether you are using a desktop, laptop, or Mobile device, this service is compatible with all devices. Chrome is the suggested browser to access your account on the web. Gmail app for Android is ideal to use this service on Smartphones or tablets. But, if the Gmail service is not working then there might be some reasons behind it. And on the basis of those reasons, there are some fixings too which we will discuss in this post.

Gmail Is Not Working on Web

If Gmail has stopped working then, we are here with the exact reasons along with their resolutions. This section is ideal for those users who access their accounts on the web.

Reason 1- Low Network Connectivity

This is the first and foremost reason due to which this service has stopped working and you won’t be able to do your email-related work. This is a web-based email service and it works with the online server. If there is no network connection then, it won’t establish communication with the server and stopped working as result. 

Resolution- The best way to fix this issue is to check the internet connection. If there is a weak or no signal then, you won’t be able to use it as you know. You should open a browser and conduct a speed test. If you won’t be able to browse anything then, restart your device and check if everything is alright. If not then, contact the internet service provider and fix this issue.

Reason 2- Incorrect Entered Credentials

It might sound irrelevant but the truth is that if you have entered the incorrect credentials then, you won’t be able to use your mail account. Even a single mistake in the email ID or password will trap you as it will not recognize the incorrect username and password.

Resolution- Credentials means, Email address and password- so re-check the email ID and password and then, check if now you are able to get access to your account. If not then, close the tab and then, enter in the search engine and now enter the email id and password associated with your Gmail account.

Reason 3- Old Browser Version

For web users, this might become a big issue if they are running an old browser version. Not only Gmail but other websites will stop working on an old browser.

Resolution- As you already know about the possibility of this issue the browser has become old. So, check the current version of the browser and if it has become old then, install the available updates.

  • First of all, open Chrome on your device
  • Now, click on More appears at the top right corner
  • After that, click on Update Google Chrome and if you didn’t find this option then, you are already up-to-dated
  • In such case, click on Relaunch and check if now the issue is gone.

Reason 4- Loaded Cache and Cookies on Browser

Cookies are those files that are created by visiting sites. They make the online experience simpler by saving browsing data. The cache will remember the part of the page like images to help them to open quickly in the next visit. If there will be too many cookies loaded then, the browser will start misbehaving and stuck you with such an issue.

Resolution- To resolve this browser cookies issue, it is strongly suggested to clear cookies. To do so-

  • First of all, open Chrome on your PC
  • Click on More from settings section
  • Now, click on Cookies and other site data under “Privacy and Security”
  • Click on See all cookies and site data and remove all
  • Confirm all of them by clicking on Clear all

Now the problem will be resolved and you will be able to use the account. These fixings are checked and you can follow them to get rid of such issues.

While Using Gmail Proper Not Access

There are some users who make usage of the app to access their email account. This section contains fixings for those users who use the Gmail app-

Cause 1- No Internet Issue

Basically, Smartphones work smartly when there is good internet. If not then, not only Gmail but other apps will also stop working. This service never lets you down but if is Gmail service is not working then, there might be some issue with the internet connectivity.

Fixing- So now open your WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other messenger app and check if you are able to send messages or do any other activity while being online. If not then, restart your Mobile device and check if now you are able to access apps. If not then, contact your internet operator service.

Cause 2- App Loaded with Cache

If the Gmail app has stored cache then, it might stop working on the app. This service never lets you down but with loaded cache, it won’t allow you to use your account.

Fixing- Clear cache from Gmail and to do so-

  • Choose the “Clear browsing data” option in the “More Tools”
  • Go to the email clients’ Settings menu and there configure Gmail account, remove the cache.

Cause 3- Device Storage is full

Gmail service is not working then, you will need to check the device storage space. If there is low space in your device storage then, some of the files might stop working and hence stuck with such issues.

Fixing- Clear up the device storage space. You can use any third-party app to clear up the space and then, you are all set.

Cause 4- Corrupted or Damaged Setup File of App

If any of the setup files of the Gmail app is corrupted or deleted accidentally then, this is the major cause behind this Gmail service is not working issue.

Fixing- In case of a corrupt or damaged setup file, please reinstall the app. Only reinstallation will recover this loss because all files will then download fresh and new.

Let’s wrap up-

As you can see these issues are easy to fix by following a few methods but keep your Gmail app, browser, and device OS completely up-to-date to avoid such glitches.

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