How To Amplify Remote Workforce Communication Like Never Before

Can’t you get it?

Remote workforce communication is actually better!

Yes, technological inclusion in the fields of public and interpersonal communication has simply revolutionised the way we connect, interact, and share information.

Naturally, it is going to be a contributing factor for business as a business lies heavily on communication.

And that happened too!

And it brought remote workforce communication to a vital point. Communication is now like the oxygen remote employees breathe.

Don’t you think the entire remote industry is based primarily on communication and communication only?

As a matter of fact, it is!

In recent years, companies have identified what communication can do to their remote businesses.

More and more integrated technologies; improved messaging apps; dedicated audio and video conferencing tools; virtual office applications; remote assistance software; software for virtual socialisation and merrymaking; improved content sharing or management tools and many, uncountable ‘new age’ communication strategies are all the means, for which a remote office sometimes works better than its conventional counterpart.

And, in this post, we will learn a little bit about how communication in the remote workforce can be made a little bit more effective.


Read on.

Nothing comes for free nowadays!

With the revolutionary communication in the remote workforce, you have got revolutionary technology.

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What do you need to do in order to enhance remote office communication?

The answer is given below:

  • Connect with employees globally
  • Document communication data
  • Be faster while sharing information
  • Be physically present?

We should discuss these points a little bit. So, without further ado, let us get into it.

1. Connect with Employees Globally

They say an office is a physical form of business.

In that logic, a virtual app or communication software is but the office of the remote employees.

And look at it! As the work is remote (which means you can work from anywhere), the workforce has just turned global.

And a remote assistance software or a messaging app would easily allow you to monitor your employees, who might be working from different countries.

With that in mind, your remote workforce tech solutions made your brand available to a wide community of professionals and vice versa.

Don’t you think that would spark professional efficiency?

If you’re thinking of a start-up tech, then using Skype would help you a lot. It is probably the most used virtual messaging and video calling application that’s even been featured in movies.

With Skype’s simple and updated interface, communication becomes easy and precise for you.

Besides, you can use its calling and video calling features to initiate extensive communication.

2. Document Communication Data

You need to think of the conventional office environment at first.

Imagine you are working in a conventional brick-and-mortar office, and you had a meeting with your employees. Probably you’ve had a very close discussion with some of your senior officials.

And, on the next day, while executing your plans, you might have missed sharing a very important point, which made a few of your employees rework the matter.

And you had to apologise.

All your communicative data, from messages to phone calls to video records, are stored in the app with remote communication. In some cases, you might need to put this feature as an instruction in the app.

You can also segment your conversations using the smart features of these apps.

You’d never ever miss out on a schedule or professional strategies, thanks to remote communication.

This document recording and the privilege of creating separate channels for different purposes to make your work more and more customised are a few of the many features found in Slack.

You can get to use integrations and plug-ins. With them, you can now help your remote employees be more connected than ever.

The use of creating customised or separate channels is also a healthy option.

Slack creative director Anna Pickard says:

”We’ve gotten used to having a tool for everything, but that means a lot of context switching and wasting time trying to remember what you were doing before you leapt from here to there to do the last thing you did before the next thing you really had to do.”

3. Be Faster While Sharing Information

Remember when we talked about taking out a bad credit loan from a direct lender and without a guarantor online? These loans are offered very fast and that too within hours.

However, remote office communication can be way faster than that while it comes to sharing information or data.

Initiate faster and reliable communication with your employees through not just messages but with content sharing tools.

A remote assistance software or a virtual communication tool sends you content and services in a snap.

Consider your employee is working with you from the Philippines. And he or she faced an issue in the system he or she is using.

Had this been a conventional office, the employee had to wait for the technical manager to fix the issue, which might have demanded a little bit of time.

You can now ask your technical manager to assist the employee via remote assistance software and share essential data or services.

With remote communication tools like Anydesk, your technical manager can access the particular employee’s workstation within seconds and fix the issue therein.

Content like large PDF files, or reports, or A/V content is vital for business.

Take the help of a good content management system or CMS to share content faster and more effectively than usual.

Anydesk is attributed with a very good CMS. Check it out for more information.

4. Be Physically Present?

The thing about being present with your employees matters in the remote workforce as much as it does for the conventional workforce.

You cannot literally be physically present with an employee who is working from the other side of the ocean.

But you have the technology to do that.

No, we’re not talking about teleportation like the X-Men movies.

We’re speaking of simple video calling and video conferencing.

Initiate video conferencing or meetings to be more physically present with your employees. Let them socialise over such conferences. Include content sharing, too, so that it turns out to be effective.

You may just simply make a video call instead of messaging to provide more of that ‘physical presence’ BECAUSE IT MAKES YOUR EMPLOYEES FEEL HUMAN.

Try GoToMeeting as it offers you a very interactive interface for video conferencing.

It also adds the facility of creating separate meeting rooms so that you can keep things a bit personalised.

 It also allows you to chat with your employees while in a video conference.

  • To Conclude: Use a Virtual Coffee Machine App

These apps are like the new trends for the remote workforce nowadays.

With a virtual coffee machine app, you can offer your employees the usual break time socialisation just as you probably did in a conventional office.

These applications are not meant for coffee, though. But they offer you virtual cups of coffee and a space

to socialise.

Not only does it help your employees get a bit of rejuvenation, but it also aids them to get entertained.

Some virtual coffee machine apps also introduce employees to fun games to help them feel more entertained and refreshed for work.

You can also join these apps and initiate peer-to-peer feedback to cultivate more of that office culture through casual socialising.

You may use Powell Software as it is one of the top virtual coffee machine apps out there.

If money is the issue, then don’t fall back. Search on the internet for taking out a bad credit loan from a direct lender and without a guarantor, and you’ll own a virtual coffee machine app in no time!

Just be sure to enjoy working with it!

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