How to be noticed by brand sponsors through your Instagram content

Instagram has gone from being a simple photo sharing service to becoming one of the most prestigious global marketing platforms in the world. With a huge worldwide audience consuming Instagram content 24/7, it is the DESTINATION for brands and creators who want to build a substantial number of followers. Brands adopt a variety of product marketing methods and often sponsor independent content creators to expand their coverage as part of their marketing strategy.

Well-established influencers always have an abundant flow of brand sponsors and, for this reason, have the flexibility to choose a sponsor of their choice. Newer content creators may not have this privilege, but they can work to meet these standards. Here are some tips on how to attract brands to Instagram.

Build your own brand first

If you want major brands to be noticed, you need to start with branding first. A common thing among all popular creators is that they are popular, because their audience can easily relate them to something. It may take some time, but finding something that is unique to you will be worth the effort. It can be something as subtle as your photo editing style or even subtitles. The idea is that your followers should be able to immediately identify that a post is yours.

Stay true to your niche

Whether it’s cooking, travel, lifestyle or any other niche, try to incorporate your niche into every post. Chances are that most of your followers will interact with your content because they find the niche interesting, and you don’t want to risk losing your audience because you’ve suddenly decided to change your niche.

Choose an aesthetic and respect it

The aesthetics of your feed play a major role in deciding whether to attract the attention of potential followers. It is an important part of brand building and can make a difference in how many Instagram views or likes you receive.

Label the recommended brands

You can label a brand if you presented the product to them in your post. This is one of the easiest ways to get them to pay attention. Try not to go overboard with the labeling and only label those brands that you actually presented.

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Stay active and consistent

Whether it is a micro-influencer or a major personality, the key to keeping followers invested and brands interested is to show that you put your time and effort into your online presence. Try to post at least one new piece of Instagram content every day.

Learn from your competitors

See what the top creators in your niche are doing and the sponsorships they receive. Don’t copy them, but you can get ideas and be inspired by their work.

Use subtitles and hashtags wisely

Subtitles and hashtags complete a post on Instagram. Write subtitles carefully and use only relevant hashtags. You can also use hashtags for the brand name that interests you.

Reach the brands

One way to make a brand notice you for sure is to contact them with a sponsorship pitch. Even if you are a small content creator, there is a huge possibility that the brand will receive your request in a positive way.

Know your value

Remember that Instagram sponsorship is symbiotic. You are not the only one who should be grateful for the occasion. The brand benefits from its collaboration with you and your brand as well.

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Final thoughts

This platform is about aesthetics and audience size. Once you get through the barrier of earning more without Instagram followers, you’ll notice a boost in your sponsorship deals. The main key to achieving this is consistency. Your Instagram marketing will be more effective when you are consistent with the quality of your content and you’re posting schedule. It won’t be long before brands on Instagram start getting attention and you get your first paid sponsorship offer.

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