How to buy karen kingsbury books

Karen Kingsbury books is a prolific author of Christian fiction. Her books have been translated into more than 30 languages and sold millions of copies worldwide, but there are still some titles that aren’t available in paperback or hardcover. If you’re looking for some new novels from this award-winning author, here’s what we know about purchasing Karen Kingsbury’s books:

What are Karen Kingsbury’s most popular books?

Karen Kingsbury is a prolific author and has written more than 70 novels since her first book, The Secret Keeper, was published in 1995. Her books are available in several formats, including paperback and hardcover editions as well as ebooks. Here’s a list of all the popular Karen Kingsbury books so far:

  • The Secret Keeper (1995)
  • Come To Me (1996)
  • As Sure As Spring (1997)
  • Wherever You Go There You Are (1998)

In addition to these bestselling titles, many of Karen’s other novels have been adapted into movies or TV shows like “The Perfect Game” which starred Vince Vaughn; “All I Want For Christmas Is You” starring Amanda Seyfried; “Because Of Winn Dixie” starring Ginnifer Goodwin; “The Miracle Worker” starring Anne Bancroft; and “Poppy Flowers: A Novel About Poetry & Love” which stars Mandy Moore

Which ones are still available in paperback and/or hardcover?

Most of her books are still available in paperback and hardcover, but some are also available in ebook format. Some of them even have audio versions!

If you want to know more about Karen Kingsbury’s books, check out this page:

Are there any that have been made into movies?

There are several movies based on Karen Kingsbury novels that you can watch. Some of these include:

  • The Secret Keeper (2009) – This is a British TV movie adaptation of The Secret Keeper, starring Helen McCrory as Kate and Rhys Ifans as Oliver. It was released in theaters on August 22, 2009 and is now available through Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.
  • A Walk To Remember (2002) – This drama-thriller film follows Nicholas Cage’s character Jamie Sullivan as he tries to save his sister from anorexia after her boyfriend commits suicide by jumping off a bridge. It was directed by Sean McNamara who also directed The Blind Side (2009). The film was nominated for five Golden Raspberry Awards but did not win any awards during its theatrical release period; however this does not stop fans from watching it over again today!

Can I find them on audio or in ebook format?

Audio versions of Karen Kingsbury’s books are available on and also through iTunes, Google Play Books, and other online retailers. If you have an Audible membership you can listen to any audio book you’ve purchased through their app or website at any time—even if it’s not stored in your library!

Ebook versions of Karen Kingsbury’s books are also available for download from Apple iBooks for iOS devices (iPhone/iPad), Barnes & Noble NOOK for Android smartphones and tablets, Amazon Kindle Reader (for PC computers) as well as many other eBook apps available in both iBooks Store & Google Play Store .

Are any out-of-print books still available?

There are a few out-of-print books available, but they’re not easy to find. Most of the time, when you go into a bookstore and see an out-of-print book on its shelves, it means that there was only one copy printed before the publisher decided to stop distributing new copies.

The good news: if you’re interested in buying an out-of-print book and want to know if your local library has it or if you can buy it online without paying shipping fees (which can be high), this will help!

Karen Kingsbury’s novels are perfect for fans of Christian fiction.

Karen Kingsbury novels are Christian fiction, which means they’re written with a specific audience in mind. They’re an excellent choice if you’re looking for something inspirational and well-written, whether or not you believe in God. Kingsbury’s books feature real people facing real-life situations—death, illness and other life-threatening situations—and she does so through her characters’ faith journeys.

Karen Kingsbury novels are also perfect for fans of Christian fiction because they appeal to readers who don’t necessarily identify as devout Christians but still enjoy reading about stories about people who find meaning in their lives through faith. The books can be read as standalones or part of series; just remember that the first book will work best if you read them out of order (which gives yourself time to get familiar with all the characters).


If you’re looking for a new book to read, we recommend checking out Karen Kingsbury’s novels. They’re perfect for fans of Christian fiction and will keep you entertained for hours on end! We hope this guide has helped answer your questions about how to buy karen kingsbury books.

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