How to Choose the Best Web Design for Your Brand

How to Choose the Best Web Design for Your Brand

Are you worried about the design of the website? Yes, it’s a tough job as there are millions of websites on the internet, and you are confused about which you should take inspiration to design your website. We have a solution for you as we have summed up all the facts that you can consider to design the best web design for your online presence.

The first thing to keep in mind before designing a website is your target audience and it should improve user experience and boost the SEO strategy of your website organically. Designing your website the right way not only improves your online presence but is also the most important factor for setting up your brand recognition. Your website is also the place where you will get leads from customers to get conversions to increase the sale of the services or products you have showcased on your site. So, you can’t afford any website failures that may lead your user to another competitor site which will cause the bounce rate of your website.

Almost 80% of people start their journey of researching anything through the internet. That is why an online presence is compulsory and with a good design, you have chances to impress the majority of people. Some of the factors you must consider before designing the web design and the elements that you should select carefully and then use consistently are discussed below.

Brand image

Brand image is the review of customers about the brand, it is all about what the people think about your brand. These reviews are not dependent on the purchase or use of products and services of your brand. The perception in the minds of the customers about the brand revolves around the interaction of people with the brand.

Brand’s image develops over time. Customers form an image based on reviews on the internet of the interactions and experiences of other customers with the brand. That is why these interactions take place in many forms. They do not necessarily involve the purchase or use of products and services. So your website is also a reflection of your brand and everything that it stands for. 

It is usually one of the first things people look at to get to know a brand and we all know that the first impression is the last therefore the design elements of your website like color, fonts, images, etc. all form your brand identity. Therefore, you should focus on keeping these elements carefully and keep them consistent across your website.

Color Scheme

Choose a primary color that suits the energy of your product or service. You can also choose one or two additional colors that increase the prominence of your primary color, eventually making your primary color more prominent. But if you already have some brand colors that have been used in your logo or other brand identity elements, then you should use those on your website as well.

For example, if you want to build trust with your services among the people you should associate your brand by using the color blue. Just like that red color evokes strength and power and yellow color is a pursuit of happiness. Moreover, if you want consumers to think that your brand produces high-quality products, then the color black can help you form that image. You should select colors that evoke certain emotions or thoughts in people. This is the reason you may have seen many NGOs, insurance, and health companies with blue color in their logo and many restaurants having red or yellow color associated with their branding purpose.

Layout of Page

 Layout of Page
Layout of Page

As a rule of thumb, keep your layout as simple and clean as you can. Design your pages in a way that highlights attention towards the most important parts. Your web design should never be difficult to navigate and the lack of grid design shouldn’t make it messy or chaotic. Also, the number of menu options or the elements in a drop-down menu should be simplified and determined based on your target audience.

The easy way for this is to experiment with a bunch of a few different layouts and conduct split testing to understand what works best with the taste of your audience.

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