How To Configure Different Modes In Pix Link WiFi Range Repeater? 

How To Configure Different Modes In Pix Link WiFi Range Repeater? 

The Pix Link is a dual-band & Wi-Fi signal amplifier range extender device. The coverage of this device is incredible & very fast. Additionally, the four external antennas are built-in in this device that completely enhances the network signals. This range extender device absolutely supports a dual-band network. The 2.4GHz or 5GHz network is built-in on this range extender device. The Pix Link WiFi range repeater device absolutely extends & strengthens network signals. The wireless network connectivity of this device absolutely eliminates the WiFi dead zone. The network connectivity allows you to enjoy the wireless network anywhere in your whole home. This range extender device is entirely compatible with all devices. Moreover, the Ethernet port is built-in in this repeater device. This port allows enjoying the fastest network anywhere in the entire home. 

The high & external antennas allow enhancing the network connectivity of the pic-link repeater device. The smart LED indicator light is built-in on the front panel that delivers the status. The WPS button is also built to establish a wireless connection. But to enhance the network connectivity of this device, you have to configure the different modes. Then, with you can easily & securely configure the different modes of this device. After configuring the mode, the network ranges 3 times faster. 

How many modes does Pix Link WiFi Range repeater support? 

The pix-link range repeater device delivers a stable & fastest wireless network in all areas of your home. The network connectivity is more secure & reliable than the other network device. Furthermore, the range repeater device completely supports many modes. Then, with these modes, you can easily & securely access the network. The range repeater device entirely supports many modes, which are as follows.

  1. Client mode
  2. Repeater mode
  3. AP mode
  4. Router mode
  5. WISP mode

Configure Different Modes In Pix Link WiFi Range Repeater

To properly & completely amplify the wireless network signals, you have to configure the different modes of this repeater device. This device supports many modes. To configure this mode, you have to follow some steps.

Client mode configure 

In the range repeater device, the client mode is included. To enhance the network, you have to configure the client mode. Tio configures the client mode, you have to access the login page. But you have to ensure the network connectivity is available in your device, in which you have to access the login page. If network connectivity is not connected, then use a network’s password & connect your device. By using login if you have to mention it in the web interface. After that, the login page is accessed on your network-connected device. After that, visit the setting of this device. In the following settings, you have to select the wireless setting option. In the wireless setting, the client mode is enabled. To configure this modem, you have to enable this mode & save this setting. 

Configure Repeater mode

The repeater mode extends the existing network signals & amplifies the network range. If you wish to amplify the network as well as extend the network coverage, then you have to configure the repeater. After logging into the repeater by using the official web address of this device. You go to the wireless setting.  In the wireless setting, you have to get many modes. But you select repeater mode & configure the network name, password, & network. To amplify the signals, you have to select a 5GHz network. After that, click the apply option that is here on the below side of this page. 

AP mode configure of a repeater device 

The AP mode allows connecting more devices to the network at a time. If you want to connect multiple devices to the repeater and keep the network connectivity stable then you have to configure the AP mode. In the wireless setting of the range repeater device, you will find the AP mode option. Just click the AP mode option and verify the status. If the status is off then you quickly enable it. After that, configure the network name for this model. Also, configure the string network password in their field. In the last, select the security in the following security. Eventually, you have to save this mode setting by clicking the Apply option. 

Router mode configure 

To enjoy the router function, you have to configure the router mode. To configure the router mode, you have to select the router mode option in the wireless setting of this WiFi range repeater device. You have to select the enable function & properly enable the router mode. In the end, click the apply option & properly save this setting. 

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