How To Create an Inviting Hallways In 7 Easy Steps?

Hallways are long and narrow spaces; although a blessing to have, they’re equally challenging to decorate.

The following tips will show how you can create inviting hallways in just seven easy steps:

1. Create an Internal Window:

One way to open up your hallway space and create visual interest is by creating an internal window. It looks somewhat similar to a kitchen window that looks out onto the family room. You can design the window to be as small or large or intricate as you like. Add this window at eye level. It will naturally lead your eye there and give you a peek into the formal drawing-room.

2. Open up the End of the Hallway:

When you enter a long and narrow hallway, the eye is naturally led to the end. Open this space up by adding pale color tones to make the hallway seem more significant. If you’ve got a staircase at the end, open it up further by changing its design to floating treads.

3. Build into Your Wall:

Clutter makes a compact hallway look and feels smaller. You need to find storage for all your knick-knacks. Placing a cupboard in this space is out of the question, so your best bet is to have a closet into your Wall with sliding doors. It’s a perfect place to store shoes, coats, and other personal effects. More importantly, it will keep your hallway tidy.

4. Add Visual Appeal High and Low:

Sometimes it’s about creating a visual distraction. Select a striking black and white patterned tiled floor. For the ceiling, you add gorgeous ceiling light to draw the eye upwards. No one will ever suspect how narrow the hallway truly is.

5. Add a Focal Point:

Yes, narrow hallways need it too. At the end of your hallway, consider adding a stunning piece of modern furniture like a console table or a stylish contemporary chair. Other unique ideas include:

  • Striking artwork.
  • The uniquely hung collection of masks.
  • Even a flower or plant arrangement.

When you first step into this space, your eyes will be drawn to whatever is at the end.

6. Select Bold Colors:

When selecting paint colors for the hallway, the first instinct is to choose neutrals or whites to make the space seem more significant. But this isn’t always the case. You can apply a brightly patterned wallpaper on one side of the Wall with a large piece of artwork at the end of the hallway.

7. Hang Mirrors:

Mirrors are perhaps the best and most affordable way to add the illusion of space. You can opt for a large rectangular shape, framed mirror, or a selection of bedroom mirrors in different sizes. Either choice will create the feeling of space. Pair this with a stylish contemporary furniture table at the end of the hallway. It will create a dramatic effect.

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