How to Develop a Facebook Clone App?

How to Develop a Facebook Clone App?

Social networking apps are one of the top topics over the past few decades, and no doubt have become an integral part of everyone’s life. That’s why most of the developers these days want to create the next globally acclaimed social network app like Facebook. That means you are thinking of developing a Facebook clone app. 

The reason is Facebook has around 2.85 billion monthly active users making it the most successful social network site right now. 

Now the question is, how do you create a Facebook clone app?

Don’t worry; through this article, we will tell you the steps by which you can create a Facebook clone app. So, are you ready to create an app like Facebook? If yes, then follow me or best Facebook clone app.

Well, there are various tools available on the internet by which you can create an app like Facebook without much knowledge about engineering skills. However, one of those kinds of tools is Bubble.

What is a Bubble?

A bubble is a no-code tool that helps users design, develop, and host entirely functional web apps without writing coding. Applications that are built on Bubble start from simple prototypes to complex marketplaces and also platforms. The best part is that apps are built without programming languages and frameworks traditionally used to develop apps. 

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  1. Get started

The first and foremost step before starting the journey to develop a Facebook clone app is registering your Bubble account. This platform is free to register, but if you want to take a paid plan, it’s your wish as it gives access to various advanced features, which are not available in the free version. 

Once you have registered on Bubble, you can start creating your Functional clone app.

  1. Create core pages of the app

When you start any project, it comes with a list of do’s and doesn’t, especially when it is a visual project consisting of an online interface and user experience. So start the project by wireframing the product’s design and by building mandatory fields within the database.

While building a Facebook clone app, the creation of main pages plays an essential role as it offers some sense of familiarity. Some of the core pages you can include in the Facebook replication are: –

  • Login page
  • Home page
  • Upload page
  • Profile page
  • Group page
  • Comments page
  1. Configuring the database

Once you have done with the display part of your product, you can now focus on creating the core data fields to power the platform. If you talk about Bubble, it has a pre-built database which makes it easier for the individual to build new data types with unique and extraordinary fields. However, in this, make sure you split the large items into separate databases so that the site’s speed will not slow down.

For the Facebook clone app, you must create one data type for each entity to allow the user to load relevant and mandatory data when needed. For the Facebook platform, you will need to create the below data types: –

  • Data Type: User
  • Data Type: Post
  • Data Type: Post-Content
  • Data Type: Post
  1. Creating core features

Along with page designer and built-in database, another important core Bubble feature is workflows. Workflows allow the developer to define pieces of logic to make the website features more attractive. So, in order to build a Facebook clone app or any other similar site, you will need the following features: –

  • User signup 
  • Profile pages for each user
  • Allowing the user to post messages on their wall
  • The feed of posts from users
  • Show logged-in users 
  • Groups that users can belong to
  1. Additional features

With the help of this guide, you get an idea of how to create a Facebook clone app. However, apart from all the above features, you can add various other advanced features for the users to make your clone app successful worldwide. Like: –

  • Admin panel for moderator control
  • Creation of groups
  • Displaying notifications
  • Messaging function
  1. Launch

If you, after creating a Facebook clone app, hire a developer or development team, it will cost you thousands. But if you have developed your app with the help of Bubble, then you can launch it for free. 

After launching, once the users start growing, several paid plans allow you to host the app on the custom domain. However, some of the templates can cost you more, but you can build all the functions for your social networking site without any additional cost.

Well, these are the steps when you develop your app with the help of Bubble. But if you choose any other platform, the below ten steps will help you make an app like Facebook. Let’s have a look at those steps: –

  • Don’t jump to coding in starting while developing a clone app
  • First, list down your goals besides developing a Facebook-like app
  • Now list down must-have features of the app which you want to include
  • Select the platform either Android or iOS, for an app
  • After that, wireframe, mockup, and prototype the app
  • Now create the backend of your app
  • Code your Facebook clone app frontend
  • After that, design the app landing page to attract the users
  • Establish the app analytics dashboard
  • Launch the app


As you know, Facebook has more than 2.85 billion users making it a world-famous social networking site. So, if you get inspiration from Facebook and develop a next-generation social networking app, it will undoubtedly achieve new heights within a few days. 

But the thing is, developing a clone app like Facebook is not easy as it needs an investment of time, careful planning, and financial resources. Before you plan to create an app, ensure all these things with you; otherwise, you will land nowhere. So, best of luck in the future! For more information, visit this website to know more about the Facebook clone app.

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