How To Get The Reasonable Tea Price in China

Tea Price in China
Tea Price in China

The question of how to get a reasonable tea price in China has always been on the lips of tea lovers who are visiting China for a vacation. On top of that, the question of how to get a reasonable tea price in China also pertains to the rising prices in the West and the likelihood of you having to spend too much money to get a decent quality tea. Is there any way to get a fair and decent price for your tea in China? The answer to the question of how to get a reasonable Chinese Green Tea depends a great deal on the type of tea. There is black tea, which is the cheapest and least expensive tea in the world. It is actually surprising how cheap black tea can be. In most cases, tea leaves are ground, dried, and then made into a compressed form. In this compressed form, tea extract can be taken and sold as a product. You can find suppliers who specialize in bulk orders of black tea at various tea stores around the country.

Widely Available Products

Second on the list of most expensive, and definitely the most widely available tea products in China, is Chinese green tea. Chinese green tea has an extraordinary taste. While it is cheaper than black tea, its flavor is even more intense. Chinese suppliers can make these tea products in bulk. They can also provide you with sample packs of Chinese green tea.

Affordable Tea

If you are looking for an affordable variety of tea, you may want to try the Oolong tea. This tea is also made in bulk, but the better news is that it is priced very reasonably. A five-pound box of Oolong tea can cost you less than ten dollars. Some bulk-order suppliers allow you to customize the type of loose-leaf tea you get, such as scented loose-leaf tea or flavored loose-leaf tea.

How To Get A Reasonable Price In China?

If you need the tea quickly, some bulk-order Chinese teas are shipped to you in about two weeks. However, make sure you are aware of possible tea wholesalers who may offer bulk services. Once you find the right supplier, you can start buying in bulk and save even more money on your tea purchases. Tea can also be ordered in bulk. Most suppliers have sample packs that they can ship to you. You can choose the kind of tea you want, including how much you want to pay for it. Some Chinese suppliers ship internationally.


If you need a large quantity of tea to meet a big corporate tea party, bulk order is probably your best option. When you bulk order Chinese teas, you will usually get a discount. Also, bulk orders often come with special offers. If you want a special kind of Chinese tea, you might have to increase your minimum order, but the chances of finding one are great. If you know where to find tea merchants in the area where you live, then you should have no trouble getting good tea prices in China. Many of these merchants post their prices online for easy shopping. You can also find some coupons and tea deals in local Chinese newspaper ads. Lastly, if you are Chinese, ask some of the local Chinese people if you know where the good tea stores are.

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