How To Schedule Email On Outlook

How To Schedule Email On Outlook

In this hustle-bustle of life, we may run out of time to compose a nice email and send tour clients. But we can certainly do that on weekends or in our free time in-office hours. How? Well, you can always schedule an email on Outlook while it is already composed beforehand and press the ‘Send’ button to just deliver it. Moreover, it doesn’t take a lot of effort in scheduling time on email. A few steps and it’s done!

Thanks to the creators, you can also make changes to the scheduled email so that you don’t send anything written before and draw out the latest developments in it. Also, understand how to backup Outlook emails to the hard drive for the best possible results. In order to learn how to schedule email on Outlook, let’s scroll below.

Create & Schedule Send Email On Outlook

Follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Creating A new email

Launch Outlook on your desktop and click on the ‘New Email’ button here. Type your message or compose the email as you are supposed to. Add the recipient’s email address and anything that is required. Do not worry as anything that is added right now will not disappear or change the course of email delivery.

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Apart from this method, you can also schedule the email once it has been scheduled. It is completely up to you to schedule send Outlook or delay delivery Outlook. 

Step 2. Schedule & Manage Email

As and when you are done with the first step, go to the Options tab here and click the ‘Delay Delivery’ button along. This button opens the new tab and you just need to find how to schedule an email on Outlook. For this, go to the Delivery Options section and move ahead.

Tick mark the box ‘Do not deliver before’ and select the date and time. Now click the Close button and your settings are saved as it is. 

Similarly, there are more options under the Delay Delivery window and this has made automated deliveries much more easier and efficient. Set the expiry date and the system knows that it doesn’t have to bother you with further emails when they come after a deadline.

Step 3: Send The Email

If your email has been composed and set rightly, it only needs to be sent to the recipients added at the decided time. All you have to do is click ‘Send’ and it readily goes into the account’s Outbox folder. This folder has more timely interactions which are made according to date, subject, and more. If you wish to make any changes before it is delivered to the other person, you can do so by going to Outbox from the left-hand side panel. 

What Are Some Best Ideas To Schedule Email On Outlook?

Things that you should consider while scheduling email on Outlook is:

  • No good email could be sent unless the internet connection is running perfectly. Of Course you know it but it is always good to check if the internet connection is stable and providing you enough bandwidth.
  • Make sure that your software is up to date so that no features are missed out whenever a better connection is showing up. 
  • Make sure that there are no technical issues that are bothering you so you are not stuck manually.
  • With that, you have to be careful about scheduling as well. It is necessary to note that the computer’s date and time entered are also correct. 
  • Note that other factors like time difference between countries, holidays and phrasing the delayed emails are done correctly. 

Yet it is usually recommended to look for Gmail rather than using Outlook. Wondering why? It is because Gmail has a much more streamlined interface and provides better functionalities. \

Moreover, there are much better extensions and your email productivity improves in a much better manner. For example, there is an extension called GMass which provides a good campaign tool to schedule emails and send bulk emails to your clients. It even automates the follow-ups and even sets up custom tracking domains. GMass can also send massive emails to the inbox, tracking how email users interact with emails. 

Wrap Up

We hope you have found out how to schedule email on Outlook and will now be able to schedule as per your convenience. These emails will be delivered at the right time to your clients and they will receive them only when you want them to see. Have you tried scheduling the email yet? What was your idea after that? Share your views with us in the comments below. Even if you are scheduling email on Outlook, we would recommend you to try Gmail once so that you can experience the powerful features which Gmail has to offer to its users. 

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