Indian-born Sundar Pichai CEO Google’s success story

In the morning news, American technology blog Unshared News cited sources as saying that Google’s management is about to undergo a major reorganization: Google CEO Larry Page will take the leadership of Google’s core products Give it to Sundar Pichai.

The layout of the new product “Czar”:

Google sent emails to all employees on Friday afternoon explaining this personnel adjustment. Pichai is Page’s senior product staff and an executive who has quickly emerged within Google. According to Unshared News – Global Unshared News, Pichai will be responsible for research, search, maps, Google+, business and advertising products, and infrastructure. In addition, he will continue to be responsible for Android, Chrome, and Google Apps. The six executives who were directly responsible for the first few products reported to Page before, and the subject of future reports will be changed to Pichai.

Currently, Sundar Pichai has become the senior vice president responsible for all Google products. However, the source said that his title will not be adjusted for the time being.

Google’s move may be due to Page’s long-standing concern that Google may gradually lose its innovative power. In an email to employees, he pointed out that this adjustment will reduce bottlenecks so that he can focus on current products and new products. In other words, he will continue to be directly responsible for business and operations, including access and energy (a new business under the direct responsibility of Craig Barratt), Nest, Calico, Google X, enterprise development, Legal affairs, finance, and commercialization (including advertising sales).

Sources said that Page had talked about this personal adjustment in some previous meetings. He said that he wants to focus on the “bigger picture”, and if so many subordinates report to him and need to pay attention to the situation of each Google product, then he can’t do this.

It is worth noting that this adjustment does not involve YouTube. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki (Susan Wojcicki) will continue to report to Page. Wojcicki is also one of Google’s most senior executives because Google was founded in her garage. Prior to this, she had been the main executive responsible for advertising products.

Pichai received a further promotion this time. Over the past few years, he has been responsible for more and more Google businesses. Although the source said that this personnel adjustment does not mean that Pichai will become Page’s successor, this is still a major event for Google’s management. Previously, Google has been jointly responsible by a team of multiple executives.

Was a candidate for the new CEO of Microsoft, initially only responsible for the Chrome project

Pichai was originally the head of Chrome. In March 2012, due to the departure of Google Apps chief Dave Girouard (Dave Girouard) to start a business, this business was placed under the leadership of Pichai. Subsequently, in March 2013, Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) left Android, and this business was subsequently assigned to Pichai.

Although Android and Chrome are different operating systems, such personnel arrangements are still reasonable, because Pichai can be responsible for the overall business that needs to deal with the developer ecosystem. As a much-loved manager, Pichai is considered to be Google’s ambassador and facilitator of cooperation.

Outside of Google, Pichai is also widely recognized. Twitter has tried to recruit Pichai for key product positions. In the previous process of Microsoft’s search for a new CEO, Pichai’s name was also listed.

Will other Google executives leave because of this?

So does this mean that other Google executives who previously reported to Page may leave because of this? Not too possible. Most of these executives are Google’s long-time supporters, including Alan Eustace, head of research, Amit Singhal, head of search operations, and Dave, head of social operations. Dave Besbris, Jan Fitzpatrick, head of map operations, Sridhar Ramaswamy, head of advertising and business, and Ur, head of technical infrastructure Urs Holzle.

It is worth noting that these executives have almost all worked at Google for more than 10 years. Beth Briss is the youngest among them. He joined Google in 2008.

The page will always give good returns to the company’s loyal supporters. Google announced last week that from 1999 to 2009, Omid Kordestani, who has been in charge of Google commerce, will become the permanent chief commercial officer. He became a temporary replacement for Nikesh Arora, who left this summer to join SoftBank. For this replacement, Page did not seek or promote new people from outside the company but chose his original partner. Kordestani is currently reporting directly to Page.

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