Joomla development

A brilliant option for the expansion of your webspace

Are you thinking about developing a website? Yes, then you should opt for Joomla development for an easier, faster, and more reliable extension of your website and related applications. You may wonder, why only Joomla for all website development? So, The answer is simple – Joomla is an open-source content management system that has special features to offer offshore website and application development at an affordable price.

Basic information about Joomla development

PHP is the basis of Joomla’s programming language, as written in the same language. The main feature of Joomla is that it supports OOP like (Object Oriented Programming). The superiority of this language can be seen in the fact that it has been downloaded more than 30 million times to date, which makes it the second most popular CMS on the Internet. So, In order to increase its usability, the latest version of Joomla was released a month ago.

Joomla has many extensions that perform their individual functions to improve website development. Some of the most important Joomla extensions are:

– Joomla modules

– Joomla components

– And Joomla templates

– plugins

– Languages

You should also be aware that all of these components are further divided into subcategories, such as the following template subcategories

– Effects & Images

– Fonts

– Layout

– Layout

– Color Schemes

What kind of services does Joomla ca offer?

Joomla offers various types of website development services and related applications. Below are some of the main services that Joomla offers:

– Enterprise web app-development

– Community web-development

– Development of social media sites

– E-commerce web-development

– Job and recruitment web-development.

– And a number of other additional websites.

Joomla can be of use to you only if you find an impeccable Joomla developer who has basic and comprehensive knowledge of the same. And it is quite a challenge to select a Joomla developer from the mass of Joomla programmers. The Joomla developer must be an expert in Joomla theme development and Joomla design integration because these two factors play a crucial role in proper and perfect website enhancement. Also, make sure that the developer has experience in this field and has an excellent command of the PHP language. Last but most importantly, a Joomla developer or Joomla development company should provide services at an affordable price and on time.

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