Know Here The Best Time to Visit Dubai


Dubai is one of the world’s most sought-after tourist capitals, visited annually by millions of exotic holiday lovers. But few know when is the best time to relax in Dubai, and therefore uninformed tourists often become the target of friendly ridicule by locals who are surprised to see the crowds of visitors to the most developed emirate in the summer.

It is summer that is considered not the best time to arrive in this magical city of the future, and it’s all about the weather and the humid temperature regime for Europeans. Therefore, before arriving in this unique corner of our planet, it is recommended to find out when is the best time to fly to Dubai for a vacation and carefully plan your vacation.

Climatic characteristics

Those who come to Dubai from May to September will probably not regret their choice much, because the cost of a tour in the UAE is usually much lower than in other months. Considering that most of our fellow citizens are planning a vacation for these months, it is not surprising that many of them come to Dubai during the worst time in terms of weather.

The optimal season in Dubai, when it is better to relax with the whole family, starts in mid-October and ends in early May. It is during this period that the temperature regime makes you feel comfortable. At this time, the air temperature in the region is kept within + 25- + 30 ° C. From time to time it rains, which somewhat humidify the air and make the climate more familiar to Europeans.

Beach season in Dubai – starts at the end of October and ends in April.

The water temperature during this period is about 25 ° C. But it should be borne in mind that during the New Year holidays there is an influx of tourists, which naturally affects the prices of hotels. The increased pressure at Dubai airport is also reflected in the cost of flights.

Therefore, if it is possible to postpone the winter holidays to February-March, we recommend doing the same. Firstly, save on accommodation, and secondly, you will not feel the inconvenience of the crowds of distraught tourists who literally flood the beaches of Dubai during this period.

In summer, the air temperature reaches + 45 ° C. As for the water temperature, it reaches 33 ° C. Many people like to swim in warm salty seawater of this temperature, therefore If you are comfortable with the heat, you might consider a summer vacation.

Cultural Characteristics

For tourists, there are some restrictions on traveling to a Muslim country such as the United Arab Emirates. Before traveling to Dubai, you need to find out if you have the planned holiday that falls on the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. On holidays, during daylight hours, you can neither drink nor eat. Transport links during this period are unstable, many shops and establishments are closed. Naturally, this will not add to your enjoyment as a tourist.

Travel Recommendations

The main question you need to answer before traveling to Dubai is when and in what month is the best time to relax. Experienced tourists recommend visiting the country in late autumn or the first half of December, as well as from February to April. New Year and Christmas holidays are not the best time in terms of economy, and the sea is quite cold, but if you are not confused by a large number of people, high prices and beach holidays are not your main goal, then it makes sense to celebrate the New Year in the United Arab Emirates.

Remember that many of the attractions available to tourists in Dubai are also related to the weather. For example, in the warm season, the Flower and Butterfly Park does not work. Skydiving is not fun either. But excursions or visits to the water park are welcome. By the way, if you find yourself in the UAE in the summer, then water parks, shopping centers, excursions, and sea cruises in Oman can be a good escape from the heat for you.

Either way, when traveling Dubai, the vacation season by month is the first thing you need to explore. Otherwise, there is every chance to visit the United Arab Emirates at the most successful period, which will undoubtedly leave an incomplete taste after visiting this wonderful country. Don’t miss here best time to visit the Maldives.

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