Migrating to certified cPanel Here is what you need to know

Cheap cPanel License
Cheap cPanel License

Websites and servers are the most used internet plus tech entities at present. Obviously, to streamline their performance, side-by-side management is a must. Luckily, cPanel can make it work for you without any hassles. You can install cPanel for your servers. However, every cPanel server always requires a license to make it usable. The license is paid and mostly purchased from the cPanel.

Nonetheless, you can also buy a cPanel license from third parties (cPanel partners). All in all, with certified cPanel benefits, every other user wants to leverage it, so cPanel migrations are pretty common. So let’s discuss a few things about Migrating to certified cPanel.

But first, speak about the cPanel itself.


cPanel is a practicable control panel with a graphical user interface (GUI) and assists in all aspects related to hosting accounts, servers, and website management. A Cheap cPanel License and activation let you have a comprehensive dashboard to access the wide-ranged elements. The range extends to emails, domains, subdomains, file management, databases and publishing websites, and so forth. Therefore, it is the ideal choice to go with the hosting.

cPanel is a Linux-based control panel and is worldwide popular. Many web hosting companies have included the cPanel in their hosting plans (all or specific), and you can buy a cPanel license and start using it. In contrast, many hosts charge for it to add it to your selected plan.

cPanel Migration 

The migration can be from any third-party entity. However, migration calls for expertise and vigilance towards the technicalities. All accounts, website data, databases, emails, etc., needs to be transferred. For instance, you have to create backups no matter automated or manual. Afterward, the complete data restoration is another step. Besides, the data migration process always has high risks and concerns. For example, the next server should have the right features and compatibility, and a root access level is also needed. But it isn’t easily workable for the laypersons. Conversely, the team handles all these specifications and takes out all the stress from migrating to certified cPanel (of any type).

Fortunately, CPanel assists you in transferring data between different hosting platforms. Even if you are transferring your data from one cPanel’s server to another, the support team at cPanel assists you seamlessly. Undoubtedly, you can migrate from other control panels too. Also, from the end of life operating systems like CentOS 3. x, 4. x, and 5. x, CentOS 6 32-bit, and Amazon Linux 1 too. So the users wanting to upgrade to a newer or different operating system need not face any limitations.

Free migration by cPanel 

cPanel, being a powerful control panel platform, provides the users and web hosts with effective migration tools and technical assistance. So you can easily transfer your websites from third-party control panels to cPanel & WHM. The company has a vet team dealing with cPanel migrations to do it on your behalf and free on the top.

Users employing the following control panels can get free migration services.

  • Plesk
  • DirectAdmin
  • Ensim

If needed while migrating to certified cPanel, important information might be sought from you by the company. As we mentioned, the expert team does all the hard work saving users from hassles. However, the free migration applies only to the above-mentioned three control panels.

Ready to migrate to cPanel?

Whether you are a new cPanel user or thinking about migrating to certified cPanel, you have to start with the cheap cPanel license. However, to purchase the cPanel license from the cPanel Store, one must need a cPanel store account. Also, to open that account, the user needs a verified email address and then logging in to order the license. However, you can make it easier for you by purchasing the license from an authorized cPanel partner.

That way, the cPanel provider will assist you will all. For instance, assistance for immediate activation, free installation, the certified cPanel support team, etc. Navicosoft is a certified cPanel partner, so it offers an authorized cPanel version and has a Cheap cPanel license and support reliability. Moreover, due to being the partner, it has discounted cPanel pricing. So from small enterprises to large data centers and web hosts can acquire cPanel to manage the website and servers smoothly.

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