How to solve communication problems with canon TR8620

The Canon TR8620 is a Wi-Fi-enabled various functions & home or office usage printer. It prints very high-quality paper. Many printing functions work with this printer that prints very clear printing paper. The Auto-Duplex is a very special feature of the tr8620 wireless all-in-one printer. Additionally, the Canon TR8620 Printer is completely compatible with a PC or Laptop device. The USB port is available on the back interface of this appliance that allows connecting the PC or Laptop device by using a USB cable. You effortlessly print up to 8 1/2 x 11″ borderless photos with this appliance. This printer device easily prints black and white paper but the speed of black and white print is different. The speed of black printing paper is 2 times more than white printing.

Moreover, the tr8620 WiFi printer prints 2-sided paper, which saves paper and gives you the document on a single sheet instead of 2 sheets. They maximize the color print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for finely detailed images. By using the Canon PRINT app on your mobile device & completely performing the canon tr8620 wireless printer setup. After that, you are able to print the paper from a mobile device. 

What is the network communication problem with Canon TR8620 Printer?

The mobile phone, PC, or laptop device completely works with the TR8620 wireless all-in-one printer. But for this, you have to make the connection. The WiFi network connectivity completely works with this appliance that allows to remotely print the paper. Through WiFi connectivity, you can print paper without touching the printer. The paper tray of this appliance is more powerful & better than the traditional printer. At a time, you have to load many papers & print many documents at a time. The printing speed is faster. But many times, the network communication issue comes and the user cannot get the printing paper. Here are some network communication problems with this apparatus. 

  • Cannot find the printer on the network
  • Network connection problems
  • PC, laptop does not connect to the printer
  • Other network issues

Network Communication Problems With Canon TR8620 Printer: solutions 

If the network communication issue comes then you have to verify the issue. To resolve the issue in a quick manner you have to follow some steps. 

Cannot find the printer during the setup

If you cannot find the printer on the network during setup, then you have to check the basic setting. Because sometimes the basic set does not configure then the issue comes. When connecting the printer to wired LAN, check/respond to all the items in, and try to set up from the beginning. If you still cannot set up the printer properly, try the items in and try to set it up from the beginning. You have to check the basic item for wired LAN. Ensure the location of the wireless printer. Because sometimes the printer is placed into direct sunlight & heating sources. You have to modify the position of the printer device. You have to place the printer away from direct sunlight & metal obstruction. After that, the printer is easily found during the setup process. 

Cannot find tr8620 printer while using Wi-Fi

Sometimes, the wireless printer is not found during the WiFi setup. If you do not configure the printer properly then the issue comes. You have to check the issue by using the canon print app. You have to open this app & verify this printer is properly added to this app. If the printer does not add to the Canon PRINT app, then the issue comes. Without the app, your printer does not connect to the Wi-Fi network. For this, you have to connect the printer to the WiFi again through the add device option. 

Printer instantly stopped working 

Sometimes, the all-in-one wireless printer stops working and users are not able to get the printing paper. For this, you have to verify the cable connection. If the power adapter that you are using for this printer does not lose. If they are loose then the issue comes obviously. Additionally, verify the network setting to properly & accurately resolve the issue. 

Canon TR8620 Printer review

In my point of view, the tr8620 printer review is better & better than the tr7020 review. Because the tr8620 printer is better & absolutely better than the traditional printer. The printing quality of this appliance is very high & clear. The Airprint printer feature is equipped that allows printing the paper very high. You can easily get borderless printing paper with this all-in-one printer. The black & white paper speed is very fast & speedy. Thus, the tr8620 all-in-one printer is completely good & works better. 

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