Restaurants provide FSSAI license number on bills

A new notification has been issued to all food business operators and restaurants in India by FSSAI. All Food Business Operators (FBOs) and restaurants will have to provide license numbers or registration numbers from the 1st of October, 2021. Also, it denotes that any reliable regulatory structure relies on solid customer grievances. And in case of any discrepancies, the consumer can easily submit a complaint against the operator using the FSSAI number. If you are into the food business, then you should have few registrations which includes online FSSAI registration in India.

India’s food safety regulator, FSSAI, issued an order on the same day that every food business operator (FBO) will have to acquire a license or registration before initiating the food business in India. Food business ecosystem in India is widespread, and the number of any food business cannot catch the attention of consumers very easily. Any reliable regulatory structure relies on the solid consumer grievance system. Nonetheless, if they do not have an FSSAI number, it becomes tough to make a complaint by a public member to authorities.

A new website from the government would help consumers to file online complaints against food businesses. The move comes after the government failed to find a solution to the problem of missing information on food safety in India’s food industry. Food Standards Agency FSSAI says it is working to address the issue.

Without a unique locator code, there will be no database. And in this case of food safety, it is the FSSAI number. Government orders registration and licensing authorities to promote the said policy. They should also ensure its proper execution from the 2nd of October, 2021, compulsorily as per the FSSAI order.

Providing the FSSAI number should also improve comprehensive awareness. If they fail to do so, then it will indicate non-compliance or non-registration or non-licensing by the food business, says the regulator.

FSSAI number is mandatory, and it has to be on the packages of the food labels.

As of now, the FSSAI number is mandatory, and it has to be on the packages of the food labels. Still, the issue lies fundamentally in the case of establishments like Mithai shops, restaurants, caterers and retail stores and mess.

Food Safety and Standards Act says that it is amending the licensing and registration of food businesses regulation. And restaurants will have to show food safety boards at all the time in their central places which is why businesses need to know the essentials of starting a food business.

Nonetheless, there is a deficit of mechanisms for consumers to understand the FSSAI number of the product or service provider. Even in the case of pre-packaged food where the FSSAI number of the manufacture is printed on the label, there is a wide gap or deficit in the mechanism by which the path of the package from the manufacture to the end-user can be traced.

The invoice can help in establishing this trail. Providing the FSSAI number would also help in improving the traceability of the food product, notes the regulator at last.  


Whether its grocery window shopping or online food delivery at home, all the restaurants and FBOs need to mention the FSSAI license number on bills compulsorily. We at helps thousands of customers to register their licenses at affordable rates.

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