Six Telltale Signs Indicating The Time To Replace Your Window Blinds

When you think of sprucing up your home, some apparent things that come to your mind include getting a fresh coat of paint, adding new furniture pieces, and modifying the flooring. However, most people don’t think of replacing their window treatments. But to add beautification to your home, window coverings also need updating from time to time. Nevertheless, sometimes homeowners are not sure when to replace their window blinds.

Let’s find it out together.  

How Long Do Blinds Last?

You can expect window treatments to last for 7 to 8 years. However, many homeowners think of replacing it even before. This is because old and outdated Blinds give an unpleasant look to your house. Also, it is not safe for the home.

Luckily, several signs warn you that it’s the right time to invest in new blinds.

Indication of blind replacement-

1. Misshapen Slats

It is obvious to see damaged slats because of excess heat and humidity. For example, wood Blinds can be deteriorated because of moisture, while faux wood Blinds can be warped because of excess heat. Your kids or pets can probably damage the aluminum blinds causing bend. So, if most of the slats are misshapen, replacement is a good option.

2. Discoloration

If you observe excessive discoloration, it indicates that the blind have started losing their structural integrity. This is an indication that your blinds will not last much longer. The primary reason behind the discoloration of slats is heavy exposure to the sun. Moreover, they also start giving a yellowing appearance to the slats. Therefore, if you are ready to buy a replacement, it will be best to purchase the latest model with higher UV protection.

3. Your current blinds are not safe for kids

Blinds with exposed cords can be risky for small children and pets. Therefore, it is your responsibility to protect your little toddlers and upgrade the blinds by replacing your current ones with a safer option like shutters, curtains, and cordless roller shades. Apart from this, you can anytime look for customized options keeping the safety of your kids in mind.

 4. Frayed Cords

One of the most vital signs of replacing your blinds is frayed cords. There can be two possibilities to this condition. Firstly, if the blinds are old and completely worn out. Another reason can be damage to the internal mechanism or the deteriorating cord. Whatever the case may be, you can have a danger of falling at any odd time. So, the best is to get a new set.  

5.  Functionality

You may be required to replace the window treatments by looking into their functionalities. No single type of window treatment will be suitable for all the rooms in your home. To exemplify, wooden Blinds rap are not ideal for the kitchens and bathrooms as they can be exposed to moisture. So, it’s better if you choose moisture resistant line for your bathroom and kitchen.

Moreover, you may want in your bedroom that offer more privacy, so it’s better to replace your current blind with custom-lined drapes. If you are looking for an option that cuts energy costs and shades are best for you as many varieties come with solar insulation properties. So, looking at their functionality is you can have different window treatments for every room.

6. They’re outdated

Are you still having identical blinds from when you built your home? If so, it’s high time to change your faded with the latest ones. It is not only important to you to change your older window treatments to upgrade your home but also for some safety reasons. Besides, many blinds only have a shelf life of 7 to 8 years. So, it’s possibly the best time to upgrade your home with new customized window treatments.

Where Should You Start?

It is crucial to invest in you are window treatments with time. So, look at all the telltale signs and understand when is the right time to replace your outdated blinds with the new ones. It is important for the aesthetics of your house and the safety of your family. Therefore, if you have observed frayed cords, discoloration, and misshapen slats, it’s high time to ditch your current window treatments with the upgraded one.

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