Tadiandamol Trek perfect destination to spend vacation

Tadiandamol Trek
Tadiandamol Trek

A little bit of introduction

Tadiandamol Trek is one of the tallest mountains in the Kodagu region and is now a favorite for walkers and enthusiasts of nature, outdoor enthusiasts, and photographers. Tadiandamol is a famous trek near Bangalore. The mountain ranges have been the witness of time and since time immemorial inspired many. Tadiandamol Peak is the Karnataka region’s third-highest point with an amazing view of the canyon, following the passage of wetlands, bodies of water, and forest of Shola and luxuriant greenery. This summit stands at 5735 feet above sea level and is a favorite place for nature enthusiasts as well as adventurers.

How to reach the trek

The nearest station is Mysore, 107km from Tadiandamol, and Tadiandamol Trek has no train station. So, from Mysore to Tadiandamol, one has to take transport. It is also possible to travel directly to the district of Kodagu from major cities such as Bangalore/Mangalore or elsewhere to access the highest peak in Coorg. The road to Bangalore and Mangalore takes approximately six hours and four hours. Regular bus services pass through the Tadiandamol trek from major cities and cities. Busses from the Bangalore bus depot are available every 30 minutes and can be reached within 6 hours. It takes about 11 hours to reach Chennai to Tadiandamol, 611km.

Best time to go on this trek

At any moment of the year, the Tadiandamol peak is visible with the exception of the monsoon season. Some tourists, however, enjoy rain hiking when the hills appear far greener and so much more fertile.

The things you should not miss out on

Tadiandamol Trek
Tadiandamol Trek
  1. Trekking: walking along the Tadiandamol Peak is one of the finest walks in nature. The trek not only helps to reach new heights throughout the summit; it also helps to see the myriad wonders of nature from the surrounding areas. The paths lead you to a unique adventure to observe Nature from a new point of view.
  2. Photography: every photographer enjoys a hike or a stroll on the Tadiandamol mountain summit. The nature lover is expecting a plethora of surprises and in the coming time creates unforgettable memories. Panoramic views of the valleys, café-plantation, and green vegetation all give an avid photographer a marvelous framework.
  3. Love and appreciate the natural features: after you have seen the wonderful beauty of the greenery of the valleys, the flora and fauna of various species, and the coming ancient trees that bear witness to time. The sunrise or sunset is one of the best spots to witness.
  4. Palace Nalknad: the tested time was in this 200-year-old palace. The architectural marvel, built-in in 1792 by the Kodavas, was built of wood. The visitor will be glued for a longer time through more detailed and complicated art.
  5. Big Rock: The campsite has an immense rock often known as Big Rock by many and is a favored stop or backpacking spot.
  6. Point of view: The motorway from where you should walk and take the trek ends at the viewpoint. You will witness the wetlands, lush vegetation, green valleys, small huts, and an exquisite green tapestry.
  7. Camping: Some of Tadiandamol’s designated campsites. One is close to the Big Rock, popular with tourists who choose to stay back for a day to watch the sunrise the following day. The other campsite is located at the summit, which offers a wonderful view of the whole valley and beyond. The first ray of sunshine through the tents is a spiritual feeling.

The things you should carry

Food, since there are no restaurants at Tadiandamol after some time, it is recommended that food be packaged even if one wants to go back on the same day. During the hike, the water must be transported to keep you hydrated. If you decide to rest at night at the high point or on the campsite, you can choose to bring a foldable tent. A light cardigan/jacket to prevent chilly when the temperature is rainy or low. Rainwear to keep yourself dry if it rains. If you get wet or sweaty and have the feeling that you have to change your clothes.

Some facts you should be aware of

The best thing to do is to finish the walk before dusk. The task requires a moderate level of fitness. This activity can be abandoned by tourists with breathing problems, cholesterol levels, waiting for mothers, migraine people, and serious back problems. Start your journey with strength training and a warm nasal breath. Carry a bottle of water, cap, and sun cream, and wear robust shoes and clothing. Stay away from closely packed and bushy areas because animals and creepers can unreasonably entice an attack mode. Check out the leeches and blood-sucking animals you can find.

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