The culture of wearing a face masks

The culture of wearing face masks started after the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The basic use of a face mask to understand as a beginner is that it can help an individual from breathing the pollutants and pathogenic bacteria. It helped a lot in preventing the spread of the virus when it was mandatory to wear a mask in public places. Medical experts have proved that wearing a mask can prevent the spread of respiratory droplets through coughing, talking, sneezing which become a reason for anyone to contract the virus.

Some factors that helped in spreading awareness about the usage and benefits of face masks are discussed below.

  • Manufacturing of face masks on a large scale
  • Carbo dioxide in the air
  • Wearing a mask was mandated by the governments
  • Role of media in spreading awareness
  • Studies were conducted

Manufacturing of face masks on a large scale

The demand for face masks increased like never before. Surgical mask manufacturer Brazil started their manufacturing for surgical masks. Many countries that didn’t manufacture face masks were now dependent on those who were the manufactures. But with closed borders and tariffs, it was difficult to get the imported masks. So, the business of starting your own face mask production

Carbon dioxide in the air

Carbon dioxide particles are very small and escape in the air when an individual is talking whereas the droplets that carry the virus are big. If a person will wear a mask these molecules will not escape in the air, therefore, preventing the spread of the virus. Mask should be replaced soon to prevent the accumulation of pathogens. If the mask becomes wet it should be changed because it can also be dangerous.

Wearing a mask was mandated by the governments

After Coronavirus spread worldwide, measures were taken to contain the disease. The border was shut, flights were canceled, trade routes were closed, offices, schools, and universities were shut down for unknown times only to contain the virus. With all these bans and closures following standard operating procedures were made mandatory by the government. These standard operating procedures limited physical contact, wearing masks in public spaces, and sanitizing hands as well. Wearing a mask while stepping out was made compulsory by the government to contain the virus. Moreover, people were fined too for not wearing a mask.

Role of media in spreading awareness

With imposed lockdown, travel ban, and quarantine people were confined to their homes. Now they were fully reliant on electronic and digital media to get news about the situation in the world and what they can do to save themselves and others. News about the importance of wearing a mask was spread on every media platform to spread awareness. The figures of people dying all over the world due to the massive spread of the virus also shocked many people. By knowing the sensitivity of the spread of the virus and its dangerous impacts, people came to know about the importance of wearing a mask to contain the disease. Organizations like World Health Organization were also spreading awareness.  

Studies were conducted

Various studies were conducted to know the benefits of masks on people who wore them. When the activities resumed with strict standard operating procedures, wearing a mask became compulsory for all the workers and employees. Salons were also subjected to following the standard operating procedures. According to a study, there were two workers at a salon who were symptomatic of the disease but were wearing masks while working. Out of 169 people they attended, 67 were found with no infection. This shows how much a mask is effective in preventing the spread.


Coronavirus brought its ever-lasting effects that brought about a change in the behavior of the people. Many people who didn’t know about the effectiveness of masks were now using them to save themselves and everybody around. Social, digital, and electronic media also helped in spreading awareness about it. Studies were also conducted to know more about its beneficial use. Steps were taken by the governments such as making the use of masks mandatory also helped in minimize

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