The Guide To Launch Your Own Gojek Clone App

The Guide To Launch Your Own Gojek Clone App 

Developing an app is no piece of cake. Those who have already built one know that the best! So, how entrepreneurs with no background and knowledge of ‘coding’ can develop and launch it? Well, they don’t. To build a super app like the Gojek clone, entrepreneurs can now get a ready-made solution in the market. Experienced developers will then make a few changes such as adding the company’s name & logo, changing the color theme, etc. so that no one comes to know that they have ‘white-labeled’ the app.  


White-labeling is nothing but the process where experts use a base app and completely change its appearance. This makes the app unique without having to go through all the trouble of: 

  • Designing the UI/UX 
  • Coding a prototype 
  • Testing the prototype 
  • Perfecting the code 
  • Beta-testing the app 
  • Market-testing 

In other words, there is no need for developing Gojek like app right from scratch! Moreover, the white-labeled solutions are affordable and quick to launch, implying, that it saves your money and time at the same time. 


This is a short guide for developing and launching the app in a global market. 

Find the perfect white-labeled solution 

To find the perfect solution, entrepreneurs need to check a few necessary things such as: 

  • Technology stack 
  • Is the free demo app available? 
  • What latest features are up for integration? 
  • Is the code bug-free? 

To find the best solution, entrepreneurs first need to look up the internet for a professional white-labeling firm that specializes in launching pre-built apps. Moreover, they must be experienced, have already launched more than 1200 apps, and most importantly have happy clients (check video testimonials for better understanding). 

Discuss what you want with the professionals 

After taking the purchase decision, the Project Manager at the white-labeling firm will be available for further discussions. They will listen to and implement your requirements and even act as the mediator between the entrepreneur and the app development team. 

It is the Project Manager who will prepare the Scope Document containing details about deliverables and the complete breakdown of the Gojek clone app package. 

App development begins 

After discussion with the Project Manager and entrepreneur’s final purchase decision, the app development team will begin with their job. The team will rebrand the base app with your company’s name & logo, a matching color theme, and integrate your preferred language, currency, payment gateway, and even the features you need! 

After the apps are developed, the team will upload them to the firm’s development server. There, the entrepreneur can check, test, and review the Gojek clone apps. With a thumbs-up, the entrepreneur can show the green signal for launching the app on App Stores. 

App launch 

Here, the app is launched on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In case, the app is rejected by the stores for any technical reason, the white-labeling firm will offer 100% after-sales support for the app rejection. 

What’s more? After the successful launch of the application: 

  • The firm will zip and send entrepreneurs the lifetime licensed source code for one domain. 
  • They will provide 365 days of support for bugs that may show up in the source code. 
  • 1 or 2 years of upgrading, depending on the Gojek clone package you’ve chosen! 


Now that you have read how to develop and launch the app, it is time to take a look at the free Gojek clone demo app. Try the app in the real environment and then from the list of requirements that you’d be discussing with the Project Manager. 

Grab the app today!

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