Top reasons to get your ITIL certification done 

There is an unprecedented level of advancement in the IT industry. Everybody is moving towards IT-based solutions. Huge multinational companies heavily rely on IT services to drive their growth. Likewise, small companies and start-ups cannot survive without IT services.  As an IT professional, this is a golden opportunity for you to be on top of IT service management. Every IT company, big or small, requires people with expertise in managing IT services. ITIL certification is the edge that can make any IT professional stand out from the crowd. 

It equips you to optimize the fast-paced digital advancement, maintain customer satisfaction for the IT services, and strategize the business growth for the company. These all-around benefits make any ITIL certified professional desirable and in demand for IT companies.

What is ITIL?

ITIL or (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is the set of best practices and guidelines for end-to-end IT service management. This framework is owned and maintained by Axelos, and they also provide certification. That is why it is sometimes also referred to as Axelos certification. The latest version of ITIL v4 was launched in February 2019.

Benefits of ITIL certification:

Why is it one of the hottest IT certifications, and why should you get it? We have listed a few reasons why it is such an attractive certification for IT professionals-

  • High in demand
  • Boosts your career trajectory
  • Increases in salary
  • Global recognition
  • Makes you job-ready
  • Increases your value for any organization

High demand-

It is one of the best paying certifications in the IT industry. Almost every IT service providing company is following these guidelines and requires ITIL-certified professionals for implementation. And it is not limited to IT companies only as even companies like HSBC, NASA, and Spotify use it. 

Career progress-

This certification is one of the sure-shot ways of advancing your career. If you want to land a job in this sector or look for a promotion, this is for you. This is the first step in your progress towards a CTO or CIO position.

Companies are more inclined to hire or promote ITIL-certified professionals, especially for senior-level roles. In addition, as a certified professional, you will be equipped to implement the best practices of the IT industry. This is a significant asset for companies looking for a better consumer experience.

Salary hike-

Along with career progression, a salary increase also occurs. Once you are certified, you bring much value to the company that you are automatically paid higher than peers not having certification. For an ITIL-certified person, the average salary range is around 9.96 LPA in India and 74K USD in the US. 

Globally recognized-

Once you have completed the ITIL foundation, you are eligible to work for companies worldwide. It is a globally recognized Axelos course and opens up opportunities to work in the country of your choice. So, if you are planning to shift to another country, this might be to your advantage.


The Axelos training for the certification is designed in such a way that it prepares you for the end-to-end IT infrastructure. You get insights into every IT service lifecycle process. This makes you ready for all the possible IT product or service stages. 

With a strong foundation of product knowledge and the entire service lifecycle, you will be very well placed to contribute to any IT service-related role. This gives you an upper hand over the people without certification. It also opens up more avenues for you to get a better job.

Value to the organization-

As a certified professional what you bring to the table for any organization is valuable. To name a few:

  • Reduce the service cost: You will bring in more efficient and effective system designs, reducing the number of resources required in the entire lifecycle like time, money, workforce, etc. 
  • Implement IT process for smooth functioning: You will be able to make the whole process of developing and delivering the services free of roadblocks and bottlenecks by developing effective and in-time communication models. This will reduce the frustration and irritation of the employees and other stakeholders as well. In turn, it will result in better productivity.
  • Higher level of customer satisfaction: By implementing the ITIL guidelines, you will be able to understand the consumer need and be able to meet the standards for customer service level. 
  • Increase in productivity: You will be able to increase the organization’s overall productivity by implementing a collaborative and holistic system approach of strategizing instead of working in different departments out of sync.

How to get Certification?

It is one of the most popular Axelos courses available. If you think that ITIL certification is meant for you, it is straightforward to get it done. You need to clear the exam conducted online, and you can schedule only once you are ready to take the exam. Although they have different modules, you need to start from the ITIL foundation and build from there. 

So, the best time to enroll for the ITIL course online is to get the ITIL certification if you are seriously looking to enhance your career and build a strong foundation for your future.

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