Troubleshooting: Tp-link deco M5 mesh system connection

The Tp-link M5 is a whole-home network coverage & wireless mesh WiFi system. It delivers network connectivity to the entire home. The network connectivity is more secure & stable than the traditional router as well as the extender. This mesh system delivers a whole-home network. The tp-link deco m5 mesh system completely delivers better wireless network coverage. This system comes along with 3 units. The 3 units work seamlessly to create a mesh network that can cover homes up to 5,500 square feet. The network connectivity thoroughly kills WiFi dead zones. The Wi-Fi network is stable & seamless rather than a Wi-fi range extender device. Multiple devices securely & seamlessly access the wireless network at the same time. Additionally, enjoy seamless roaming throughout your home with a single password & SSID.

Furthermore, the TP-Link unique Adaptive routing technology is built-in in the Deco M5 WiFi system that absolutely allows accessing reliable network coverage anywhere. The Wifi network is more secure because the security protocol is built-in in this device. To configure the setting of the deco unit, you have to navigate the deco online login with the login ID. After that, you can easily & effortlessly configure the deco unit setting.

What are the connection problems of the Tp-Link Deco M5 Mesh System?

The network connection of the mesh system is most important. The better WiFi network performance in all the corners of your home with the mesh system. But sometimes the network connection issue comes due to the user not being able to enjoy the wireless network anywhere. Here are some issues due to connection problems comes, which are as follows:

  • Faulty cable connection
  • AC power adapter useless
  • Not configure network setting
  • Firmware upgrade issue

Solutions: Tp-link Deco M5 Mesh System Connection problems

If the connection problems come then the user cannot be able to access the network on your device. To enjoy a speedy network anywhere, you should resolve the connection issue. Here are some steps to resolve the connection problems in a quick manner. 

Examine the cable connection

If the cable connection issues come then you have to verify the cable connection. Because sometimes the cable connection is not proper then the connection issue comes. You have to properly verify the network cable is properly attached. Because many times, the cable is loosely plugged in to the mesh system then the connection issue comes. To fix the issue, you have to tightly plug the cable into the mesh system. Ensure the cable is not broken anywhere. If the cable is useless, then you have to unplug it into the mesh system. Instead of this cable, you have to use another working cable. You have to plug this cable into an available port of the mesh system. After that, switch ON the power and verify the connection. 

Verify the network setting of the mesh system

Sometimes, the network setting does not configure then the connection issue comes. For this, you have to check the network setting. To check the network setting, you have to open a web interface in your device that connects to the stable network. In the web interface, you have to enter the default login IP. Then, the login page is accessed & login the account with the login ID. In the setting of the mesh system, you have to select the network setting. In the network setting, you have to verify the networks. If the 5GHz network is disabled then you have to enable it with their option. After that, you have to save this setting with the save option. 

Check the AC power adapter 

Sometimes the AC power adapter is faulty & not working then the tp-link deco m5 problem comes. To resolve the issue, you have to properly examine the AC power adapter. If the cable is broken in the AC adapter then the connection issue comes. To manually resolve the issue you have to properly check the power adapter. If a power adapter is faulty, then you unplug from the range extender. You have to utilize a new AC power adapter and plug it into their connector. After that connection is ready & enjoy seamless network connectivity. 

Restart the deco mesh system

To restart the device is the best & perfect solution for every problem. To restart the device, you have to properly verify the connection. If the cable is plugged into the available port, then you have to unplug it. Then, you have to verify the LED light status. Then, examine the power button & smoothly press this button for 3 seconds. Then the mesh system powered off. You have to restart this system again after 10 minutes. 

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