Important things that you must Know about Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies

Proxies are pretty common in today’s time; as they are frequently used for business and personal needs. Yes, but the term mobile proxy can be new. Most internet users do not understand the use cases and specifics of this kind of proxies. Therefore, you all need to understand it and know how you could utilize mobile proxies.

What are mobile proxies?

It is quite obvious that the term mobile proxies must be something to do with mobile devices. A mobile proxy is a type of portable device, e.g. a tablet or a smartphone, which has the access to the internet through mobile data. You could connect to these proxies to cover your real IP address with your device’s one.

The mobile proxy’s network consists of 3G or 4G connections which are assigned to particular gadgets with the help of a mobile operator.

Thus, mobile proxies like The Pirate Bay are authentic always. They would offer you real IP addresses and makes you undetectable as you would appear as the resident of the country you have selected to connect to.

Reasons why do you need a mobile proxy

Mobile proxy

Have you ever faced a CAPTCHA, when trying to access Google at the time your mobile is connected to a mobile network? It has occurred as you get a new IP address every time you get connected to the network of 3G or 4G. When you get connected to the internet by using a portable device, you will get a new IP address. And the moment you get disconnected from the network, your IP gets back to the base of all addresses and also gets assigned to the next user.

If the last user who had your present IP address already, and was doing online something suspicious, Google will flag this address. The next time someone would want to search for things, Goggle would make them go via CAPTCHA.

So, the mobile proxy can help you to avoid this predicament, as it will mask or cover your real IP address with a different one that is not only clean and also not flagged as a suspicious one by Google. In addition to this, if you never want to get any problems or face CAPTCHA, because of the mobile IP you had, you could stick to mobile proxies individually. Exclusive proxies can belong to you solely, and you can be the only person to use them as well.

How mobile proxies are used to manage various social media accounts

Accounts apps

In case, if you are a manager of social media, you would find mobile proxies, definitely useful. When you log out of one account and then log into another, your address of the IP remains the same, in the case when you are directly connected to your wireless network or mobile. It can create issues for you since all social media platforms try to stop various users from making multiple accounts.

This is the reason, why fake profiles you use for social media marketing would most likely, can get blocked when you log into them using the same IP address. This will indicate that such accounts belong to the same person, and also social media platforms would ban them as well.

But remember, when you use proxies, you can avoid such a situation, as the IP addresses would change along with accounts, the social media system you are using, would not find your work suspicious. Thus, you would not get any problems. It is quite important when you work with your client’s accounts, and you would want them to get banned just because of you.

There is one basic rule to follow, keep sticking to the same country for a single profile. It is pretty weird, that if the same account is used to log in from Australia in the morning, from Europe in the afternoon, and from the US in the evening. This would also hint to social media platforms that something is fishy with this profile.

Along with this, mobile proxies can be there for social media marketing for avoiding ad fraud. You will be in a position to confirm this, when you have properly targeted ads and for checking what ads your competitors post.

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