What Are The Movies Like The Parent Trap

The Parent Trap is the story of identical twin sisters (Lohan), separated at birth and raised on different continents by their successful parents. You can find movies like The Parent Trap in abundance.

The Parent trap Whats the Plot

In this movie identical twins Annie and Hallie, get separated at birth. Both of them were up brought by their biological parents. Later in the movie we see them meeting each other for the first time at summer camp. There they make a plan to bring their wayward parents back together.

The main theme of the movie depicts that when two pre-teens named Hallie and Annie meet through their summer camp, their entire attitude towards life changes. Having parents, like a British mother aka famous dress designer Elizabeth and American father, a wine maker named Nick, makes the situation more critical. While both parents live on two different sides of the universe, the girls decide to make an identity swap. In this way, they wish to spend time with their other parent. 

In the end we see that the girls decide to inform their guardians of the swap while at a hotel in San Francisco. They reunite the divorced pair and send them back into remarriage with each other.

Movies Like The Parent Trap

Here are a few movies having the same plot as the movie: The Parent Trap:

1 It Takes Two 

It is a story of identical 9-year-olds with different backgrounds. One is an orphaned Amanda and the other is a rich Alyss. When they meet ina summer camp, they decide to change their positions. They in a way play the role of a play matchmaker between Alyssa’s dad, Roger, and the kind lady looking after Amanda.

2 Yours, Mine & Ours 

It is a funny movie about a widower with ten children marrying a widow with eight. So it’s a story of twenty people trying to live together as one big happy family.

3 Billboard Dad

There you will find exciting events and lots of laughs. 

4 Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Here we see Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt resume the role of heads of the Baker family. They while enjoying their vacation, indulge in a competition with a rival family of eight children, headed by Eugene Levy,

5 The Game Plan, Because of Winn-Dixie

This movie shows Bachelor football star Joe Kingman a wealthy man. . All of a sudden, he comes to know about his unexpected daughter from his ex-wife. Here comes the twist when he faces the challenge of balancing J his personal and professional life with his child.

6 The Baby-Sitters Club

It is a movie about seven very different best friends. But one summer season something happens which makes them together like never before.

7 House Arrest

The movie is about a high school student Grover Beindorf and his younger sister Stacy. Both sister and brother lock them up in the basement to settle matters between their divorcing parents.


Parents need to understand that the movie The Parent Trap is based on a sensitive issue. The movie made by Disney Corporation sends a clear message to parting parents to bring reconciliation for the sake of their kids.

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